Arrange marriage...

My college friends just called up on my house the other day and she informed me about her sisters wedding. I was awed as the girl in question was just 24.
So i simply wondered what drives this parents to forcefully marry their gals to some stupid idiot by seeing him for 10 mins?
I mean come to think of this. Traditionally all people go on honeymoon just on the day of marriage, one or two day difference. A gal sees a guy for 10 minutes, okay you are modern family and they meet for 10 days.
The guy is a loser, but dyes his head, brushes his teeth watching Hindi movies for flirting tips. Now, the gal is impressed and agrees to marry him. They both go on a honeymoon, enjoy for a week. Then what???
On day three the attraction is over, the cork is open. When was love present in them? They say in such marriages love happens, yeah right. Adjustment? thats the thing Indians are good at.
Adjust, adjust adjust.

And if this marriage fails who is responsible? shouldn't the parents go to jail for messing the private life of the gal? no they will shamelessly arrange thier neibours marraige and crib about how their daugters nasseb is bad.

This is just what I saw in one of my friends life, now a divorsee in her 30's she still dreads her stay at her husbands house. If was more like the parents sold her out.

My request to all the parents, you better fix a date for your gals or at least let them choose thier own soulmate, cos if you wanna fix the bedmate, they are dozen available on rent.
Adios for now,
and yes if you or anyone planning on messing in my life, remember if I hit back, you won't live the life.
Take care.

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