Dating tips....

Okay, okay no more threats, no more frustration. I am finally posting my dating tips for all those who wanna go and enjoy your date. This has been generated by survey of many girls. If you follow this you can't go wrong.

Feel good.

It helps in dating anywhere on the planet. Radiate dynamic energy. Smile and exhale joy and happiness as if you were on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Find the right spot for your date. Be sure to give your date the feeling that every moment you spend together is precious.

Look good. Dress well before dating. Make-up well. Be at your best. I give you a very important tip, think about your shoes. Some people are so ridiculous with their shoes. Shoes betray your whole personality. They can speak more about yourself than any psychiatrist. So, please, don't ruin your style.

Smell good. Soap, shower gel, toothpaste, dental floss, perfume, deodorant and eau de toilette are your best weapons for dating.

Be good. Show that you are fun to be with and that the dating sun is shining in your head! When you first show up to your dating rendez-vous, if your heart is beating faster and faster, you can be sure you are lucky. A good dating tip to relax: breathe in and breathe out.
Dating is an art, but more than anything a state of mind. Be positive is a good tip.


Don't moan.
Don't discuss past relationships.
Don't use "no" every 5 seconds.
Don't use repetitive negative sentences: "I don't like", "I hate".
Don't complain about your boss, your work, your ex, or your situation.
Sending too many negative signals can become a big turnoff. Nobody wants to enjoy spending time with a loser or somebody who collect problems.

Don't share your misery.
S/he came to a date, looking for something wonderful, not to help you to get out of misery. As a date, your job is to make your partner go home and think: "God, I feel really good with him/her"!
A positive attitude is always a big turn-on.


Romance in dating is magic. Have a superior state of mind compared to what s/he's used to. So many people are average or uninteresting because they don't know how to take time and be romantic when dating. Doesn't mean feel superior to the world or to your date, but smarter, more respectful and educated. Pay attention to the smallest details in the conversation and prove that you are considerate. Good listening skills means listening carefully.

Be fun. Don't be afraid to start the conversation. Be romantic and sexy with your attitude, your hands, your legs, your bust, your eyes. Maintain eye contact, improve the magic of nonverbal communication and smile. You will make the difference.


Have a wonderful time and share your feelings and emotions. Live to be loved and love to believe. To believe in the magic of life and love.

Hey, if you haven't kissed yet, you have to plan another rendezvous. Don't wait the last minute. Just say: "What are you doing tomorrow?"

Careful, if you are answered "I'm busy for the whole day, and probably the next ten years"..., you might be on the ejection seat, watch your head!
You can seduce people, but you can't change people's life. You can't make people love you. Otherwise, everybody would be president, and it would be a mess.

Don't hesitate to show your true feelings from time to time. Look at him/her, your eyes ablaze with passion.

When the time to separate has arrived, just say: thanks, it was really good ...Walking in the forest, climbing the hill, watching the stars, roller-blading, going to the dentist (who knows?:-)... with you.

Why saying this? Because this last words will rock the beat of love for you like the sweet music on an exotic sand beach.

Okay...all the best and happy dating!!!!


  1. good1...very helpful...but not 4 me :(


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