Girls Part one. The famous article on girls.

I once heard about a man who figured out what women are. I expressed my desire to meet this man to know his finds, but later learned that he died before telling his find to anyone. Then I guessed I would have to find it on my own. So armed with a pen and paper, dressed in a black tuxedo, I walked across the street with the M.I theme music played on my walky(no relation, I love to boast).

I always wondered if Evana Newton had seen the apple fall, would she discover gravity. Or make apple pie? In the word of Albert Einstein, 'There are something more complicated then the theory of relativity, income tax and women’s.' As simple as that. I learned one thing from this find, somewhere deep down inside, every woman is super facial. Once an uncle told me about a new recruit in the company, "She works for 8 hours, and sleeps for 8 hours." I wondered what was wrong in that, when I learned the hard reality, they were the same 8 hours. Then I also find out, there are six stages in every girl’s life. A new born baby, little girl, teenager, young woman, young woman, young woman. They come, they see and I wonder what is left after that? I also noticed a tragedy about our men, when we are born; people ask how the mother is. When we are in our own marriage, people will ask, how the bride is. And the worst part, when we die, people ask How much did he leave for her? Well, this world is not in order anymore. I here could conclude one thing, HUM will never understand TUM. How much ever BUNTY tries, BUBBLY will always be a deep mystery for him. I believe someday there won't be anything to discover. Maybe science will find God somewhere, and then we will ask him why he created such a mystery.

But till that day, I suppose we can only shrug and ask every angel coming your ways, 'How you doin...'

*This article has an exception of many girls. This is meant for fun, do not take it literally.

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