Global warming!!!

You must agree on one thing, the world is getting hotter and I am not mentioning to the birth of Mallika Sherawat, or the facts that Shakiras hips don't lie, I mean literally the world is getting hot.
Armed with the thunderous quest for knowledge, I barged into the study of one geek, the so-called rocket scientist (I regretted this move since the movement I crossed his threshold) he explained me for five hours about some co2 increasing, green house effect, ice-pockets melting and all that jazz.
I understood only one thing, the world is getting hotter and we are responsible for it. It lies into our moral responsibility to save the world before my cheese sandwich melts.
We all got to do something to stop emitting those poisonous gases. maintain your vehicles, use refrigerator less, do not eat too much beans, if you do do not fart in public and so on...
Little things can save your environment.
Go googling guys what more you can do...
Until next time then,
Take care and do not melt,

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