Heard of the story of two monkeys quarreling over a piece of cake? It ends up with the fox consuming the whole piece of cake, leaving the monkeys hungry. This is no fable but a reality. Firefox and Internet Explorer are at their wits end to create bigger and better browsing experience that finally ended with all the techie folks preferring Firefox over Internet, all the rest of the world considering the ‘e’ symbol as the only gateway to the internet. Comes in ‘Opera’ which makes a tiniest effort to change this; but it ends up having very few admirers of the free browser. Very few is just an over statement, as everything opera provided was already given by Firefox.
Now all the other browsers must run for cover as Apple enters the browser arena with a blast, or, must say, with a ‘Safari’. The browser originally made for MAC platform (Yes there is something beyond PC too) is now available for PC version too. The browser ‘Safari’ is available only for win Xp (preferable sp2) and beyond or windows 2k sp4.
It comes into two versions for windows one with the QuickTime embedded in it and other without. So if you have a nice big bandwidth at your disposal the former is a good option (28 Mb download for free) especially if you spend most of your time visiting you tube. And if you do not care for videos and want to save your precious bandwidth, the later is an 8 Mb download.


Safari is out there to make your browsing at a trilling speed. Apple designers are surely taking their job seriously, safari is gorgeous. Apple claims that the browser is the fastest in the cyberspace when it comes to rendering HTML Pages and JavaScript that is not just an idle boast. Other features include a smooth metallic look that makes Firefox and IE look very boring. The address bar acts as the progress bar filling up with blue color to indicate how much the site has been downloaded.
Another cool feature is the find option. Just enter the word you are ‘find’ing and it highlights all the occurrences where the text appears and dims out the rest of page! Comes handy when you are looking for certain words in blogs.
Also the regular features like pop-up blocker download manager, private browsing (proxy), RSS feeds, tabbed browsing are inbuilt in the browser.

Not the perfectionist

It would be very biased if I just praise the browser and not mention its flaws. The browser is new in the market and like many other products; it is still in beta version. It is prone to crash after every three hours. Some advance websites do not function completely with the browser, like gchat feature of Gmail; (although it is because the Gchat is also not available for most other browsers as well, and Gmail team has sworn to make the world use only Firefox for their products) also I read somewhere that the browser is not secure.


All said and done, I suggest the ‘Safari’ is worth taking; it is surely faster and sleeker then most of the browsers. For those tired of using the same boring browsers would definitely like the change. What’s more? Safari is free download from apple website.
Both the versions can be downloaded from http://www.apple.com/safari
This could mean another revolution for internet browsing (earlier one was when Firefox was launched) and may lead to another decade of new cold war. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till then and hope that this is another revolution and not just another browser.

Sid ‘Techie’ Kabe.
This article was published in Jam magazine

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  1. I think this ought to be mentioned - Safari was the flaw that brought down Apple MacBook Air in the recent Pwn to Own contest.


    I think that is pathetic. Its Apple's hardware, Apple's OS, Apple's browser and yet they can't provide better security than Micro$oft and Ubuntu. Safari was the Achilles Heel for Apple.

    And Apple itself is a horrible company. Possibly the most arrogant company in the whole IT industry, making M$ look like boy scouts. They try to install Safari stealthily using a service that is meant to UPDATE Quicktime and iTunes. I wouldn't advise anyone to use Apple crapware.


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