The Da vinci Code

I had never seen that movie b4...and trust me i never regretted it till now.
The other day I saw d premeir of The da vinci code on HBO and was laughing shit till it ended. I mean Robert Landon was d God of religious symblogy and has no idea about the 'sanction' of christ....

what the hell...

The makers of the movie have diluted the whole story of the royal blood line of the Christ by making saunure just a 'caretaker' of sophie...

One point of note, all d grand masters of the priori are the direct descendent of christ. So saunere has to be related to sophie.

Also oen thing...Robert Landorn says, "What makes u think that christ had a blood line and did not did all d good things?"
Hello, Celibacy...remember, the biggest devil worshipper in this world is I think the Pope who sits in the vatican. I mean, come to think of it...
what God will chose a Man, his disciple amongst the many to rule the others???? what makes u think God will make someone guardian of Heaven knowing that humans have ambition and selfishness..

Don't tell me pope and vatican are not selfish.. The total property of vatican through donation and stealth is worth a santion pentagon gets to poke nose in other countries.
I have to believe that priori exist. I know that Illuminati also exist, cos i will always believ in Galelio...and not those who called Galelio a heretic...

What do u say???

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  1. The Movie is a disgrace to the Novel!!


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