Wolverine the end...


Ok so I must have followed wolverine for 185 years in the last 3 years. I think now I have collected nearly all the wolverine books, right from Wolverine the origin to Wolverine the end. In all this series, I learned one thing...Stan Lee is not kiddin' around.

I mean leave Superman and Batman aside and just peer at the human (errr...) side of Wolverine (if you find one)

Just looking beyond the 'skint' we see Wolvie is awesome, if thats the word.
He little cares about the 'Heroism' other super heros bank on. He is against the biggest enemy, his own mutation.
His mental system is out for a reboot, wiping all the data he had previously. But what about reader? The John Howett, logans elder brother who 'so-called' died in Origin is alive....and has same powers as wolvie....

I think now i know how wolverine will die...sucide...cos his healing factor has only one solution...skint...his blades...
what say bub???

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