This poem as a tribute to MK Gandhi, on Oct 2nd 2006

Modern world, modern times,
with clock tick our feet rhymes,
Fast food, fast train, faster lives,
Even they have stepped outside, the traditional house wives.
But in this fast age,
We have locked ourself in a self-made cage,
Problem pop out at a faster pace,
creating trouble in our super race.
Do we have solution, people ask,
Tackling issues is a tiresome task.
The solution was always there, just beyond our sight,
speak the truth and behave always right.
The ancient code of a noble man,
remember him if you can.
The power of right, the power of truth,
Will genereate a nobe and a sweet fruit.
This is Gandhi-giri, the power of the right,
Will solve problems without any fight,
Never see, hear or speak wrong,
Will make you happy and very strong.
Live life with truth and honesty,
you will climb the sucess tree instantly.
You will start having lesser fears,
You will stop shedding any more tears.
Welcome to the world of Gandhi-giri.
No one is boss nor any gunda-giri.
Lets vow to make this world a better place to live,
where honesty, truth and nobility are alive!!!

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