Holi halla...

Ok i am not that much keen on playing holi. Tell me, will you wake up at 6:00 in the morning only to get drenched in colours?? naah, not me. I prefer the coziness of my bed.
But anyways, some of my friends planned for Holi day celebration in a water park near my house.
Not a bad idea, holi was on saturday so we all geared up on friday, I spend the whole afternoon to inform many of my friends and i get confirmation of 5 of them.
Out of the blue on firday evening, I hear the rotaract club district is also coming there...how convineint...i convinced myself, its ok. Not a problem. Hota hai...and all that.
The next morning i wake up and reach the spot to find our party has taken over by radio mirchi.
Now what kind of idiot serves free alcohol in a swimming pool?? you guessed it right, its radio mirchi.
They server alcohol and also was a welcome drink to all. I wonder how many people pissed in the pool.
Anyways, thats fine I enjoyed the whole day with nice pool and all that.
But I know one person who didn't enjoy the Holi, he was kicked in his ass by the bouncers of man power.
One idiot threw a kingfisher bottle broken into the pool and it cut my finger of leg. Not a big deal, but soon i found the whole bottle (diving into the pool of color)
One bevdi girl started dancing with me, having no idea who i was. Later she came to senses and jumped into pool.
So in short, it was fun to see all the bevdas making fun of themself and i have some nice pics. Even the DJ had to ask for help.
Will load them soon...

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  1. water park ki bhi holi koi holi hoti hai ! :P


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