Its on brain drain, written on 15th August.

The day was like any other,
I woke up without worries or bother.
Today is the independence day,
It marks our freedom, they say.
Pondering over words, I walked,
across the street some hooligans talked,
"Independence," one said, "Means we can do anythig,"
"Wrong, Independence." the other replied, "It means, we are forbidden to do many thing"
Suddenly it dawned on me and I realised,
An independant country our forefathers visualised.
But did we achieve what we had set for,
Did we gain what we wish for?
Patroitism and democracy are the things off the past,
Today corruption and drug addiction sure do last.
The politicians blabber about things they will do,
But keeping the promise is the virtue of the few.
The youth now laughs his way out of the pain,
and they say our country has a big brain drain.
All the power has lot of fun,
enjoying it are the leaders son.
So is this independence, I ask you,
Can we make a difference, remain a few?
Try to change the system, and the system changes you,
I am leaving the country, when are you?

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