My journey through IM Part II

Well this post is to salute some of the nice and comfortable people I met on the way and some whom I did befriend. They taught me something or other and I am really grateful I met them.

Some nice people (and frnds) I met on Orkut.

1] Beer Boy: The Simple Bevda. Wondering why he calls himself beer boy thought, coos I have seen him post more sensibly than the most of the members. He was always targeted and absued as the representative of Vatican in many communities and used to come on IM 4 fun. He always used to answer with a cheer. This cheery spirit in him is quite likeble, do see his profile for his funny remarks.

2] JPG: The silent thinker, thats what I wish to call him. He told his full name only once and I did not believe him, he goes my the name Jyotish Pradhan (JP in short). He is a philosopher, thinker and a religious person, yet you sense some maturity in him and are cautious while talking to him. A good friend and a nice person. He actually read the words I joined together I called a novel and gave me suggestion on changing it, hats off to you JPG.

3] Bon: Thats short for Bonnya Gosh. She was actually the reason why most people used to come online, to see her witty remarks on topics. No wonder community started falling apart the day she left. Someone had even called her 'Mother India.' This fair lady did help me out in my relationships and maybe it was because of her advice I could sort out few things in my own mind. Thank you for that dear.

4] Gaurav: He was formerly known as the DSA, i.e., the Devils Advocate. He is too busy flirting with gals to notice other members. His flirting habits went to such an extent, that Suku (read below) finally made a fake profile as a gal and made him a bakra by flirting with him. He is not that cool as he pretends to be, infact when I met him I found him to be very sincere and innocent.

5] Suku baby: Real name: Sukalyan, although doesn't live up to his name. He actually told me once @ 2:00 in night that he was having a web conference over an intellectual topic. He is a real prankster of all the gang. I always feel, he smirks sitting in the dark corner and snoops on the things going on. He is the real devil with too much confusion in his mind. I sometimes see me, two years back in this guy.

6] Suhas: The intellect student on the web. This guy types so big big words, so quickly that most of the time I reply his bada bada post with a simple smiley (:))??? why?? cos I cannot comprehend what he says. But I know one thing, he has a nice thought over some things.
He also read my garbage, I called novel, and gave me exact and precise comments. He also does love making nice ambigrams.

7] Tania: Now I come to the best part, and I am pretty sure most of you must have skipped the first 6. What should I say about her? She is one of the best thing happened to me till date. Her La la la take on every topic clears your head out of all worries. Read my poem about her.
She teaches u too keep young at heart. Do not believe when she says she is a shadow, she is much more brighter than the light.

8] Sulakshana: Sometimes called Shana, sometimes Sulu, she is one big lady who can understand anything. I could not actually believe she was married in the first place. She actually guided me once or twice like an elder sister in few stupidities I did. She is very nice at heart

9] Priyanka: Sometimes you meet someone in life and they leave a mark on you forever, she is one of them. This gal was the first one I interacted outside orkut. She is not as sweet as you think she is. A crispy light hearted friend who gets bored very quickly. She is a nice contrast to the sweet girls thingy.

Thus we come to the end of Part II, if I recall few more people I will post it here.
Part III will commence soon, my days as a moderator.


  1. wow!!! good observations....all d description of the charcaters suits them perfectly...

  2. ... And, here are some nice words coming as compliments to me.

    Anyways, It is good to see names of few initiators (some more were there) of IM put together. Hope, this association will remain as one of the nicer times in life..


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