Paranormal Science....

What is a ghost???
There are 4 fundamental forces in the world (Ordered from weakest to strongest)....

  • Gravity
  • Weak Nuclear Force
  • Electromagnetism (or Electricity)
  • The Strong Nuclear Force
The siting of Ghost, UFO, Paranormal eighter is because of brain power (physic) or the electromagnetism...

It means that it is either hallucination, or optical illusion, which can be perfectly explained based on the current laws, i guess.??
Hallucination can b one reason....chemical lochya as said by munna bhai...
No it cannot be predicted by current laws, but yes, it satisfies fundamental equations...

Mag angat Dev yena(OOBE)..wts that all abt???
From what i observed and i studied 10 ppl in my village...only one was actually true..all other nine were fake..
Anagat yena is a temporary form of Multiple personality disorder. Human brain works at a different level than normal.
As Einstein said we use only 10% of our brain, what about the remaining 90%?? Well it struggles to get free in our lifetime...sometimes it does, that period some people can recall their past life or some ppl feel God in them (OOBE)...some ppl can read minds, some become scientist also,...
ani astrology sangte sometimes it is also related to stars...
My theory
Wen some external particle enters the body, our body tries to reject it it is called disease..
Whenever ppl mhave the OOBE, some other force tries to take over our 10% brain...sometimes ppl can control over it...
e.g., Bhagat Singh, Nathuram Godse, Savarkar, Jesus, Freedom Fighters..They felt the OOBE but they were strong ppl and could control it and use it for deeds.
Some ppl cannot control it and behave it that way...

Not agree with this one
"Bhagat Singh, Nathuram Godse, Savarkar, Jesus, Freedom Fighters...They felt OOBE but they were strong ppl and could control it and use it for deeds."
I believe that each person has something in himself....As Einstein said we use only 10%of our brain.

lets consider it this way...imagine every person is feeling OOBE

Normally (0.001% OOBE, means u can control it)

Now imagine u sit for reading a Harry Potter Book (assumtion ok, u can add here any favorite book) what do you feel?? slowly and steadily u loose the surrounding and gel into the book.... (maybe 5-6% u can control it)

Now if u r a political party supporter..then you attend a spicy conference of the party. A prominent leader speaks, you feel the tingling in your hand... (The 25% OOBE critical level is increasing, sometimes peace rally turns violent)

Now consider, ur country, your religion is at stake...U want 2 take pull a Gun and want to the gun is talking not you...You slowly loose your existence....the gun wants blood, it wans want to kill it....( 52% chance of controlling it, there will be a murder)

nice theory ,. Interesting....

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