Code name "Hello"

As I switched on the television, I saw the new mobile phone feature. Better camera, better radio and all the stuff was available, except a better phone. I just glanced across the room to the old landline model, sitting peacefully as a noble sage disturbing nobody.

The same old landline box was used by my dad, then me. We hardly noticed it in passing. Time and again it would ring the same old tring, tring to remind us of its existance.

Usually it would be a wrong number on the phone or sometimes cross-connection too. This phone was a public entity, anyone from the family could use.

Then came the page-3 revolutions, pajamas were replaced by jeans, Langoltis were replaced by underwear. The face value of India changed in the global market. The international terrorist Osama Bin Laden considered India, leaving other super powers aside (Big achievement here, indicating we are somewhere). I took admission in engineering (No relation here, just can't resist cursing that fateful day) During that time this mobile 'faad' crossed the seas. This mobile phone became a lot of pain in the butt ear in just few days.

The evening was romantic. After many days me and Dipu got time to go on a dinner. We sat at a poolside table and I held her hand in my hand. She smiled so beautifully, I felt an urge. As I leaned over the table to kiss phone rang with the song...

भोली सुरत दिल के खोटे, नाम बडे और द्र्शन छोटे
(A Hindi song: Innocent face, but false heart. Big name but is actually small, sounds silly but Hindi song is in tune)
I felt dropping the phone in the pool, but it was a costly model. I had to pick up the call as it was my boss. I finished talking on the phone, I saw the food had arrived. slowly cursing my bad luck, I started eating.

This incident was the most dangerous of all,

The other day I was walking on the street, near a bus stop. (for my security purpose won't disclose the bus stop) There I saw this beautiful girl standing on the stop. I gave her a friendly smile and to my surprise she returned my smile. Not only that she even said,

"Hello," as if singing.

"Hey, How you doin'?" I asked, a bit confident.
"I am fine," she.
""So what do you do?" me.
"Nothing, just timepass", she.
"Huh, no not like that, are you a student?" me.
"Yes, yes I am," she.
"Cool, me from Pune university," me.
"From when?" she.
"Huh, last four years.." me a bit confused.
"Hey, are you free today evening?" she.
"yeah, I am. Can we meet", wow, that was fast.
"Actually, I was planning to get my hair trimmed, can you come along?" she.
"Me? in the ladies parlor?" what was that?
"Come along, you can even do something there..." she.
"You kiddin', right?" me more like in a shock. Where was this heading???
"No, come along. They got this great steam bath," she.
"But this is a...", me.
"I won't take no for an answer," she.
"Hey no I have this friend..." me, trying to bail out of there.
"Ditch him, is he your boy friend?" she.
"Hell, no..I am straight," me.

I was getting nervous at this point, what the hell was this.

"Okay, done then, you are coming with me," she smiled and then she removed a phone from her pocket and disconnected the call. The phone was connected to her ears via a blue tooth hands free hidden nicely beneath her hair. All this time she was talking on the phone and me...She looked at me in a disgust as if I was a pervert watching her, not knowing my dilemma.

I simply hate these little machines. From that day I never walked on that street again.

Aah would tell you more...but my Dipu is on the phone, ciya...


  1. Everything has pros and cons, the headset saves my ass when I am talking to someone, parents don't get that I am on phone!

    And while you're out on a romantic evening, either switch it off or keep it silent!

  2. ROFL. That was hilarious. Thats why i hate Newton ;) .He should have eaten that goddamn apple and we all would be still living in jungles having fun ;). Keep writing . I am gonna check out your other posts right now :D

  3. @Aditya
    thanks buddy...err..wat has newton got to do with this?? :o

  4. SID, ROFL!!!!
    This post was damn hilarious!!
    Especially with the incident involving that girl...i started laughing so much!!!

  5. haha.. Agree with you on the handsfree thing.. so many times, even I have got confused thinking someone is talking to me, only to realize later they are on phone :(


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