Poem written for fun on the life of a pirate.

The black flag unfurls,

and here the sleeping sailor curls,

'Its the pirates', they shout.

all run hayway, the slim and even the stout.

The weak creaturs of the land,

admirers of the sun and the sand.

I laugh at them, I have no pity,

For we are going to raid their useless city.

Our watcher watches the sea, day and night,

The sailors unleash their swords, like some fearless knights.

The weaker being are going to die,

The ships are going to sink and their their bodies we will fry.

We are the pirates, the strongest of all,

The black flag unfurls, to give us a call,

'Ye sail under the black same flag, ye and I,' we say.

Fighting through this unworthy world we must fight our way.


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