Jaane tu ya jaane na....Movie review

Apparently Aamir Khan is letting no stone unturned to promote his bhanja into the film industry. Saw the much awaited Jaan ne tu...ya jaane na movie today. The movie is the same age old confused love life. Yet the movie is presented excellently. It has all the elements of success and specially it uses humour timing perfectly.

The plot

Meet Jai Singh Rathore - 'Rats' (Imran Khan), the most non-violent Rajput, either side of the Aravallis. And meet, if you dare, the violent and passionate Aditi Mahant - 'Meow' (Genelia D'Souza). Whatever you do, do not pick a fight with her. She scratches. And abuses. If you do get into a scrap, take cover till Jai arrives, as he alone can calm our snarling wildcat.

Jai thinks Aditi's parents should have rinsed her mouth with soap when she was a child. Aditi thinks that Jai is the biggest coward she has ever encountered. There is nothing Rajput-like in him. Heaven has mixed up its apples and oranges.

Jai and Aditi are perfect for each other (in some odd, distorted way, impossible to understand fully bollywood istyle). Friends know this. Parents know this. Everybody knows this except they do themself.

The plot revolves around them as they try to entangle their friendship and love sips in between them. (Remember Hum Tum? "Ladka aur ladki kabhi best friends nahi ho sakte, kahi na kahi pyaar aa hi jata hai")

The film already had made its mark with excellent music track, no wonder I saw whistles flying around with the famous track "Kabhi kabhi Aditi" came up on screen.

Some typical DCH elements in the film.

The film is promoted by Aamir so you see different hair styles in the moviee. We have golden spikes, red stripes, permed hair etc.

Plus one more thing to note in this movie is the silent character of Amit da in the film (remember Akshay Khanna in DCH) here again we see a reticent character who paints a lot.

Again all the paintings are made in a silent fashion. The paintings depict the closure, the loneliness, is Aamir trying to tell us something?? It was there in DCH and in TZP too...

The movie is presented in same way as that of DCH, here the friends are waiting for them at airport and discuss the past college days.

They do go to a disc and have a bawl there also.

The hero is a bhigi billi but raises his hand when the heroine is in need (Typical Aamir)

In other things The horse carriage in seen popping in every scene after the interval. Err... wonder why???

And don't miss the 3 conditions of a Rajput of Ranchor to become a man!!!

My Ratings: 9/10 (One point cut for repeating DCH)

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