Independence day: India in 1947

The saddest day in History of India, 15th August, 1947. One superpower split up for greed and power. Our forefathers made some mistakes and we are repeating them till date.
Did we actually get what we wanted? Are we independent? these questions are need to be addressed even today.
Happy Independence Day (Posted on 15th August 2008)

Some archives of India.

Aug. 15, 1947: Mountbatten swears Nehru in as Prime Minister of India

TRAIN TO PAKISTAN; India 1947. Trains packed with refugees - Hindus and Sikhs headed for India, and Muslims headed for Pakistan - were convenient targets for gangs of killers on both sides of the border. Inadequately protected 'Refugee Specials' were typically stopped, and the occupants butchered, several times in the course of the journey.

The dead - Punjab, 1947

Some people who felt bad about the killings, Veer Savarkar and his friends.

1971: Indira Gandhi reviews the troops, in the context of military and diplomatic preparations for the Bangladesh War.

Ghandhiji Addressing people

Nehru and Gandhi at AICC meeting, July 1946, any guesses what are they discussing?

Two people who split a country of millions Mr. Jinah and Mr. Gandhi. Can two people decide the fate of millions? Bombay, September 1944

Mountbatten arrives at Delhi airport; received by Nehru and Liaquat Ali. March 25, 1947

1948: The news of Gandhi's assassination hits the streets. A stunned crowd gathers in Calcutta.

1948: Crowds in New Delhi wait for a glimpse of Gandhi's funeral procession. What did they actually come to see?

Newspaper carrying news of Gandhi Assassination.

A Library being divided at the time of partition. Heart trembles to see this sight and it is tough to imagine the state of the nation at the moment when people needed to hold hands.

There are many questions arising in Gandhi assassination too. Why wasn't a doctor called and Mahatma Gandhi immediately rushed to the hospital?

The fate of our million is decided by a family of few.

I fought for my family,
I fought for my caste,
I fought for my religion,
and I fought for my rights.
In these fights I forgot, someone 61 years ago fought for ME and my freedom. I did not...

Happy Independence Day


  1. It's a great collection of the Indian 'black & white' history. It's really awesome.
    In the nutshell, it's FaNtAsTiC...

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    -- Ashvjit Singh


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