The theory of mankind

This being a part of my forthcoming book, the theory of existence.

Since the beginning of existence there is one rule prevalent in the universe, if a species develops in any way that is counterproductive to its survival, it does not last long.

Take an example of Dinosaurs, the largest predator on the planet. They ruled the planet taking over everything that they could step foot on.There was actually no means of extinction...hence suddenly there was a meteor shower to destroy them all.

Or take the Brontotheres, a lumbering herd animal that lived some 55 to 30 million years ago. Its size alone protected it from most of the predators of the time. But nature made a mistake, purposely, when designing this brute. Instead of fabricating its impressive horn of cartiliage or hair, like todays Rhino, nature choose to sculpt it of bone which shatters...extinction followed.

After the dinosaurs perished, the gastornis became the earth most efficient hunter. But this bird grew too large to nest in the trees, and so its vulnerable hatclings became prey to insects. Extinction.

Mankind started to involve right in between these large predators, some getting extinct due to us. The primary intention of mankind is survival, the nature trying hard to destroy mankind while humans resisting it with a single weapon, brain.
Then the nature decided to employ a new method to destroy mankind, religion. Man was never a social animal, everything man did was to impress the females and other men.
That developed into a society and started the downfall of the mankind.

The downfall of mankind started with the rise of God worship or religion. Praising your creator is a good habit, but fighting over the creator is definitely not good for health. The downfall is like a wall of dominoes, every tile collapsing one after the other. The downfall of mankind is inevitable, it is just the question of how and when?

With the rise of new species? With the expiry date of mankind getting over? Lets pray together (to whichever God you worship) to give us the strength against nature and its forces.

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