8th Wonder of the world!!!

Recently on visiting Taj Mahal, I came across a strange sign. Taj which is one of the new 7th wonder of the world has this board installed near its toilet.

Ok so someone told me foriegners pay 750 bucks to visit the Taj, ok fine, my problem is with the board, not with the service.
Isn't this a shame to write this clearly?? Can't there be any board or do you think no foriegners will come to pee if it is written Rs 2/- charge???
When they come, dont ask for any money as simple as that. Underlining this hiralious and shameful board is shamefull for indians.
This is the 8th wonder of the world I found in the 7th Wonder of the world!!!

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  1. I think u forgot the times when they put up boards like...

    "Dogs and Indians not allowed"

    and looted our wealth

    this is nothing in front of that

    remove this post if u r a true indian


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