Of life and Death and Beyond death!!!!

Nothing is more spectacular and exciting than the prospect of life after death. Man from beginning has tried to conquer death since many means.
There are some devil worshippers who dug pits to conquer death by making a complicated devilry...that didn’t work, and they ended losing their health, wealth.
Sometimes universe recycles people and their wife’s see them rise from the death, this is a funny phenomenon, seems to hit the final nail into the fact that the wife was loyal to her husband.
Then there were the Egyptians who buried their kings and queens praying that they finally sleep and the masons don’t have to work the next day; that also didn’t work. The dead kings came back from the deep slumber and killed scientist..err..

So what is all this speculation? What is the final solutions....

Well, just accept the fact...some day you gonna die. We all gonna die. It can happen while you walking down the street, some mugger shooting you down, it can happen with some animal eating you, you drowning down...
Anything or everything...
Well, we all going to die, someday or other, once we establish this everything gets easier.
Live every moment as if the next is your last, this way you keep no backlogs to life, and finally when the time comes...the passage is easy.


  1. Wow bhai tu toh baba bangali ban gaya hain...since the day you have returned to pune, you talk like this only.

  2. yeh death is inevitable and so we need to live with it.when it comes to dear ones it scares me..but am sure that it wun be scary when death is at my doorsteps.
    well as u said we all kno we'll die one day..but still the fear exists cos people have so many desires to fulfil before they die and so many of us die unhappily..but i feel if ppl get some months tym they do change and start thinking otherway..i've experienced this wth my aunt..she had cancer so can say it strongly.

  3. @Priya

    Just assume you are gonna die tomorrow and live the day..

  4. heyy difficult to assume re..cos my brain wud keep telling me this is not true...hhahaha


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