The 5 Commandments of Kalyuga

Well, Kalyuga started on February 3102 BC, roughly in gregorian calender, and with it, it brought some new curses to mankind.
Thanks to those curses Graham Bell could invent the worlds most irritating and disturbing device and nokia managed to fit that perfectly into your pocket so that you are connected anywhere and everywhere but that is a curse over mankind rather than boon.
Well, today I am going to put 5 commandments that are present in kalyuga, and whatever you may say, I am pretty sure you will agree that I am correct...

1) Thou shalt receive the most important call of your life, while you are in the loo
This has happened to each one of us, one time or another isn't it? You are enjoying the beautiful feelings peacefully when your phone rings with a very horrible ringtone. Now, I know you receive wrong numbers all the time, but this time the number is right, the moment is wrong. The caller must be your boss, who wishes to send you to a trip somewhere but because you are unavailable will send someone else!!!!

2) Thou shalt get caught while watching a movie on a working day
This commandment is very very bad. There is a nice movie and you promise your GF to show the movie, you call your office that your stomach is upset and sit into the darkness of theatre. During the interval you see your boss along with your collegue in the same theatre watching the same movie, its good thing if your boss is married because he won't mention this incident ever, but if he is not....God bless you...:P

3) Thou shalt be betrayed of your wages everytime the company management makes a bad decision.
Well, there are higher bosses earning 10 times more than you who sit in the AC car with a blackberry, their designation usully starts with letter 'C'. For some reason, everytime they take a decision you will have to pay for it by 10% of your salary!!!

4) Thou shalt be emotionally blackmailed by the feminine gender everytime you are playing a game.

Here we have some diversion, if you are married it will be your wife. If you are committed it will be your GF and if you are single it will be your mom. You are in between a highway chase with 10-15 police cars behind you, you are desperately looking for pursuit breakers on the way and at the same moment, your mom/ wife/ GF will want you to take a bath and if you say no, emotional blackmail follows!!!

5) Thou shalt not buy proper clothings for you.
The color that you like, the design you choose will never ever fit you, giving chance to your GF or Mom to say that you have a bad dressing sense. Had you taken one of them to the shop than the other would not like it. Take both of them and the shop will be closed from next day!!!

There are others too.. but the biggest one in Kalyuga is, suspense will be present in all walks of your life starting from daily sitcoms, to firings in office, to this blog post as well... keep following and commenting and more commandments will come...



  1. Thou shall not send an update on Twitter/Facebook about their fake illness.

  2. oh yes, that is a good commandment. Need to work around that one...:D


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