Aee Ante Amplapura

Today I watched Arya movie on Surya channel, no i do not know tamil, I just didn't find my tee vee remote, it was hot outside and i said...what d hell, dekh hi leta hoon.

Ae Ante Amplapura... I simply loved the picturization of the song. Well, I can only love the picturization cos, I did not understand a single word of the song...

Well, forget song.... i did not understand the movie as well, but thanks to manish, I managed to grasp the story.

So anyways, its been 2 hours since my last post and I cooked top ramen, with 3 eggs and spoiled the whole dish.

So we are battling since last three hours what to eat? With me and manish ready to order pizza while ashok dening it because yesterday we ate pizza.

So lets pray to God that we managed to get out of bed and go to eat someplace.

Aaargh Heat!!!

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