Beating the heat!!!

Its 1 o'clock in the morning and I have not yet brushed. Well, its sunday and I have woke up at 12:30. Stomach is aching like hell, I have Ashok and Manish on my room and all of us have not brushed or even moved from the bed.
Well, we all are hungry, hungry to the core...but we have yet not found a shaktimaan to walk out in the heat to fetch us some food. You see I also got a stock of 3 eggs and two packets of top ramen with me, but the cooler is installed in the room, not in the kitchen which is closer to hell right now.
The kitchen is also burning hot and I am no superman to turn on gas in the heat...

So if I don't get out of my bed withing next one hour, I will add another blog post to mention how we managed to survive, I am trying to pursue one of them to enter the kitchen or I will take a cold shower and cook it wet.

I will keep you updated, maybe...maybe not.

Just pray that lights don't go now...and cooler gets off.

Aaargh heat!!!

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