X-men Origins: Wolverine- Review

Of all the X-men movies, comics, cartoons this is one flick that has all powerful mutants and not some Gandhi-giri inspired non-violent X-men kids. I mean a movie that has Wolverine, Sabertooth (how can anyone miss him in wolverine movie??), Gambit, Wraith (Too bad to see him die so soon), Dead Pool, Zero (never known him before), Blob (Woo hoo) all together in one team is awesome isn't it?

But hey to be frank I am disappointed by the movie, as a true believer and a wolverine fan, I thought they would adopt the story line from comics series Wolverine: origin, where Sabertooth is called The Dog again, no mention of my James Howett changes his name to Logan (in comics it is Rosie who does that)

The retracing claws is a gift from wolverines mother, or so was in comics...but here she claims he is a monster....how sad!!!

Ok enough comparing the whole thing, but seriously if you have seen the Tyger Tyger poem in Comics you will never like the movie in the first place!!!

So anyways, this movie shows wolverine as James Howett and he kills Thomas Logan with his claws. During the initial credit Victor Creed (Sabertooth) and he fight many battles together (remember wolverine fought World War I, World War II and many more for many countries). Then we come to Weapon-X program and they fill titanium in his bones making him indestructable. (Again a disappointment, in the comics he is less than animal when they fill titanium ripping and mass-murdering the whole facitlity around 200-300 soldiers. Here he barely kills one guard and runs away)

The killing of deadpool is an awesome scene and good to see Wolverine and Sabertooth fight back to back against it. When was deadpool weapon XI?? I don't recall, as far as I remember Weapon XI was different than deadpool, but hey in movies its all rip-off right??

So, if you do not read comics (pity on you) then you can go and watch the movie and gap at the stunts, the story etc etc. (Yeah see the bike, copter chase of Zero and Wolvering its worth it) but if you are a true believer in Wolverine and have followed him in Wolverine:Origin till Wolverine: The end, you will be disappointed to the core!!!

My rating: 6/10

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