Am I proud to be an Indian???

The other day I glanced at the Civics textbook of a school boy (I have no idea what class it was) and I found a statement in that book, 'India is a country with unity in diversity,' a immediate thought churned in my brain... is it??? Do we have unity in diversity???

I don't think so... my parents have dutifully rejected my North-Indian girlfriend and are busy dialing in some meddlers to look for a appropriate mate in out caste????

Raj Thackeray and his cronies want the jobs for Marathi youth back.
Because they live in the same geography!!!

Well, this is not only case...Lalu wants Bihari population get jobs in Railways.
The youth have are jobless and it is his duty to take care of his crowd!!!!

OBC (or any caste for that matter) want reservation for them, why because they are backward, underdeveloped, underprivileged???
Because for some pre-Independence period during sometime, with no proper historical records, they were oppressed by higher tribes!!!

There are people in Kashmir who wish their own independence.
Because they are a different culture than the rest of us.

I don't think people are to blame, they are forces here in India that is causing these drift and clashes in cultures. There are many hidden agendas behind the political parties claiming to be secular in nature but are just employing divide and rule policy of British Raj in India.

When we say we are a unity in diversity we should be proud of our culture. Now we are 26 states in India and its about time we become the 26 states of India and rise above the cultural, caste, religion and regional prejudice.

I am proud to be an Indian....I hope you are too.

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