Dial 'R' for....

Every where you go, there is one key word to every problem in the world right now, 'Recession', there is no funding. No projects. People are losing jobs day in and out.

People are saving money, family planning, job saving and trying to curb the monster called recession.

No wonder birth-control pills and condoms are have a field day, no one wants a family now. If by some unlucky chance a family is created, you will see the father frustrated and miserable over the mistake of his life.

The miserable state in which software companies are treating their employees is a pity. I see my friend, a class topper and having 1.6 years in development experience, now working in a KPO with 1/3rd salary cut. Same time, few other good guys and girls are sitting in the house doing nothing!!!!

Does it really matter to have experience in software industry? Nowadays knowledge is readily available, with google built in with ObjectDock and Firefox. So is it really important to have experience in software industry?
Why after 3 years is a person still a fresher? The project manager has an experience of 10 years of godknowswhat??? He used to use COBOL for coding and now we use .net 3.5 and he has no idea what that is, but hey he has experience of 10 years...

All these thought made me think, why am I into software? Because there is good pay? Oh wait, recession has taken care of that, 10% salary cut remember?

Software professionals feel back pain, neck pain, body pain... and all other sorts of pains. On top of that tensions, frustrations, no freedom for what??? Money???

My PM expects me to work 9 hours and more. I feel pity I do not meet Dipu, my GF, for 3-4 days.. and for what???

No idea??

Well, I am in software industry by choice...and now I feel my choice is wrong. Its not too late to pursue my dream. is it??

I am leaving software industry once in for all to enter mass media as a writer or cartoonist. At least tensions will be less.

You can see some of my works as a writer here.

Pray for me that I will succeed and also suggest if I am right?


  1. Interesting!!Specially the point where you mentioned that people are not planning their family.I have also heard this from many of my friends,recession is not the time to plan family :)

    Keep blogging!

  2. Yeah....its bad, recession is taking everyone for a ride, lets hope we tackle it faster!!!!

  3. .Net 3.5 is spoonfeeding, it doesn't need any skill, click here and there, set parameters and you're done, it is shit, wonder why I wasted time learning that!

    And yeah, media won't be much fun either I guess, financially, their pay will be a bit less. To be tension free get a Govt. job :P Pay will be less but there will be loads of security :D


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