Improper Driving!!!

There are only 2 cases nowadays when someone is not driving properly on the street, eighter the person is fumbling with his phone or its a lady!!!!

You will find the vehicle wobbling in and out of lanes, sudden brake moment and jumping lanes faster than an eye can blink.

So when the bonnet of my car kissed the bumper of a sedan I felt like killing the driver in front who had suddenly jumped a lane. I was pretty sure it was one of the two cases, to my horror I found it was the combination of both the cases.... a lady was driving the car talking on the phone!!!!


She gracefully got down of the car, glanced at the hit from her sunglasses (all this while having phone on her ears) looked at me and gestured, '1 min'

WTF...I mean my vehicle is damaged, yours is damaged and you say 1 min, on top of that she says on phone...
'Arey kuch nahi, kisine gadi ko thoka.'

WWWWTF... I mean she jumped lane taking on the phone without giving a indicator and she says, kisine gadi ko thokaa???Is this some kinda joke???

So when the traffic pandu came and saw the thing he blabbered in marathi,
'Jau dya, stratchach ahe...kai motha nai...nigha... rasta mokla kara,' (Just move on, only a stratch. Clear the road.)

I felt so helpless...I mean the moment someone sees a pretty woman...he melts??

Ok whats the point of this post? just angry...grrrrr


  1. It is usually aunties who drive recklessly. You have given them enough respect by calling them ladies :-)

  2. The 'lady' in the post was definitely not an aunty...;)

  3. @Suki
    Nothing more can be expected from u...:P


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