India vs the world!!!

This post is NOT a reaction to the attacks in Australia, but on is a reaction to the reactions in India on the attacks. I cannot comment on the attacks on Indians because I am not sure of the cause of the attacks and I really won't jump to the conclusion from media reports.


I have been avoiding posting on this topic since long, but now I cannot wait any more. We know Indian media is a big idiot box, the authenticity of news shown on channels is just 1% and that is also a lucky break.

But making the world hate Indians all the more?? Why are you making Indians everywhere ashamed??

Why is Indian media so negatively reporting the news of Aussies hating Indians, racism etc??? Do they really knows whats happening??

Why do we always feel the world is against us??? Do the Indian media even have the brain or did they sell it as well along with their soul???

Bal Thackaray and the shiv sainiks burned effigy of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in protest... oh puh lease...Thakaray, get a life have never been outside mumbai to endanger the life of Indians in Aussie by burning the prime minister effigy. Yeah, don't give me the thing about Shiv Sainiks, my uncle is one and I know what Ass H*le he is.

Every country have racist, Shiv Sainiks are racist themself, do we see them burn the effigy of Bal Thakaray???

One or two incident in a country and you call that country a racist??? There are 80,000 Indian students on Australian campus and we call the country a racist due to one or two incident??

The media is also flagging things calling the whole country a racist. The media simply jumps on the bandwagon, 'The world hate Indians' and start reporting it and yes, exclusive reports you see.

Be rational people, don't make life misrable for Indians living out there by already it is.

If Shiv Sainiks really care, go down to Australia nab the punks who are causing this issues and show your patriotism...of wait, why should they go??? Patriotism is just creating a voting issue out of nothing, right?? Going to australia is not going to serve the NRI's have voting right?? Hota toh yeh bhaag ke jate... do they even have money to go out of mumbai???

A quote from Zee News
“There is a problem with Indian media and Indian leadership - they can't assess a situation in a rational way. It's the high competition in that industry. They all get on the bandwagon and say 'Oh racism', but it's not like that,” said Yadu Singh, a Sydney resident. "Something like this happens and they think: ‘The whole world is against us’. This is not a racist country. Every country has one or two racists. I mean, burning effigies of Kevin Rudd -- come on,” Singh added. www.zeenews.
Some media adds that Australia students want Indian leave, ok right, make 80,000 people leave and take your country's economy take a nose dive into the quicksand of recession.

For brain drain, if you are a Indian student and wish to study abroad, i'll suggest dude, koi bhaav nahi deta yaha, your work, your experience is more important that what you study. Just due to loose attraction you think studying abroad is good, then think and analyze before you leave. Just getting a foriegn degree is not going to get you a high paying job.

In the recession backed world, India is fairing nicely with the economy, so you are better in your own country. If still, you wish to study abroad and have no worry for mortal threat, then you can as well think what course to study and if you can really afford it.

Last point, please avoid negative reporting people, such negative reporting is going to be a backlash for Indians living in the land of OZ.

Tommorrow: Are Indians really safe in their own country as well??

What next???

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  1. Unfortunately media is in the business of selling news and not reporting news!!!!!!

    Hence we will continue to listen such kind of half baked news.

  2. Ya man totally agreed... Media just plays a bad role... They just add more fuel to fire...

  3. Hmmmmm, i guess i am going to agree with you as well, i have been reading this racism write-up so much so that i am myself out of anything else to puke, btw yeah Thackeray is one big******* no two ways about it, just a silly observation i liked when you spelled his name also incorrectly, considering your uncle is in shivsena....good gng pal :)

  4. It's good to see some people have sense and don't believe the media blindly. I don't know whether the attacks were or were not racially motivated. Either way, it was unfortunate. But the reaction (like burning effigies!) --- it will only prove the point of the few racists in the country that Indians are 'uncivilised' or any other backward stereotype.

    Nice post!

    Oh...and can I add that it's probably not just the Indian media that sensationalises --- here in Aus too the 3 commercial channels love to dramatise their news rather than report the facts. The swine flu 'crisis' is a good example at the moment.

  5. @Adesh
    otally agreeing...but unfortunately media is our only exposure to the world outside. I mean they will consider 'Indians' from what they say on News.

    And many times the fire is already caused by their so-called 'exclusive' reports!!!

    Well, lets just say I don't care to spell idiots correctly, ok ok, that was a mistake, but i am in no mood to correct that mistake.

    I was waiting for the reaction from the Oz land. Its good that 3 channels are not right, but in India we will hardly find any channel right!!!


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