Moment of Happiness.

In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, just at the end of the movie, Will Smith walks in the middle of the street looks up into the sky and thinks...'Now, this is happiness' that is his moment of happiness.

If you see around in our lives we all live around many moment of happiness. It varies from smaller happiness, having a pleasent time in toilet, to larger happiness, going out on a date with your girlfriend, but there are some moments that you relieve in your life...they don't return to you...they are just there.

When I was in college, I worked in a cyber cafe to earn my pocket money. I used to establish his network connection, repair a broken PC and the guy used to give me unlimited internet to use (whenever machine is free) and some cash. At the end of the first month I received 300 Rs in cash for the whole month, that was 10 Rs per day. I purchased a chocolate worth Rs 50 and gave it to my GF. Then I bought Chinese dinner for my brother that night, bill Rs. 140, and the rest money went in ice cream for my family.

Some would say I have no sense of saving, my dad mentioned I should save the money for future, but I said no...that was my moment of happiness, I had earned money first time in my life, and I wanted to use it. I know the amount I earned was not much, but I wanted to utilize that amount till the last penny!!!

Since that day, I have made it a tradition to give myself a treat everytime I am happy. I decided to utilize every smaller moment of happiness in my life.

I got Rs. 100 from Jam Magazine to write a article in their paper, I brought a 99 Rs T-shirt from Big Bazaar that night :)

When I joined Fujitsu America, I purchased a big Spider-man graphic novel(worth rs. 90) which I always fancied during college days. Oh yes, I always purchase 2 big graphic novels every time I get my salary.

So when I manage to write a difficult module(in adobe flex) successfully, I went and had two plate chicken momos that day.
I was in happy mood one day and I feasted on a heavy 3 course dinner definitely not affordable for my bachelors life but I enjoyed it.

Small small moments add upto large moment and you end up being happy that day.

My boss has told me to join Pune office since Monday, I brought chicken lolly pop for dinner. Not something big or large, but a simple thing to enjoy the moment.

Some may find it silly or even stupid, but those are my moments, and those I am going to live with everyone of them!!!

On Blog update:
I am just updated by blog to Blogger, draft so have something called reactions as well, so do give your comments, reactions to the post.

P.s. Would like to hear about your moment of happiness, do mention them.


  1. That was a great movie, by the way. I agree it's sometime those small little moments of happiness that mean the most. Most often I feel happiest when I am all by myself in nature.

  2. Many more such moments will come and make sure keep on enjoying all these small yet special moments.

  3. @Caity
    These little moment add up to a pleasant life and at the end of the day....u have no regrets!!!

    I am not missing any moment coming in my life, but I would also like to hear some moments in your life. Small moments when you feel good.

  4. I liked your way of sharing ur happiness..

    and having no regrets in life really gives u strength to move on :)

  5. Nathaniel Hawthorne:

    Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.Nice Comment!

  6. @kartik
    We all always celebrate the big moments in our life, like our birthdays etc. but we do them because we are happy, we do them as a rule or discipline.
    Celebrating smaller moments, however crazy they may seem is more fun.

    Very nice comment, ronald.

  7. good post nice to read your happy moments.I agree with you one should find happiness in small things also .As i said in my post about giving candy and here when i read this about icecream and choclate i feel happy that you are growing the tree of happiness
    thanks very nice post

  8. Nice post.. I, thanks to traditions, am supposed to receive gifts from relatives on smaller occasions. As they will not have the time or patience to buy something for me, they just open their purse and give me some money... It is not that I do not earn... but I always end up buying something from that money which I can use for a really long time like dress, and I will remember that it is given by them...
    From my first salary I gifted my mom her first cellphone with sim card, gave my sis a dress which she always wanted, gave my dad one T-shirt and ice cream for everyone.. :)


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