माँ का लाडला मुसीबत मैं पद गया. (Mothers boy fell in trouble)

While half of the army is busy looking for missing scientist with nuclear secrets, there is one more big issue currently in minds of 'some' people. Section 377 of IPC states that it is criminal to have a same sex marriage!!!

Ok...so it is crime to choose your sex partner? Last I heard in civic text books was that India is a democratic country and every citizen has an equal right. So, why does the government want to involve in sexual privacy of people???

They say Indian 'culture' does not support all this.

Right, I will just go in depth about the hindu culture....

Wasn't there a Gay warrior in Mahabharata, Shikhandi, who killed Bhishmapitama?
If I recall correctly Arjun was a Enuch during agyatvas. Oh wait, Mohini, the pratiroop of Lord Vishnu was a 'She'.

Some say gayism and same sex is wrong???

So who decides what is wrong anyway?? Once I had been to a special screening and debate on 'Page-3', the movie, where we debated the things shown in the movie.

One of the best point, a guy said in regards to gayism was, ‘How can you prevent me from having sex with anybody?’ good point, I am just curios? how?? send CAT Commandos in the bed rooms, oh that might give the Gay couple a nice treat!!!!

They will make anti-gay law and people will meet in secret, have unprotected and unethical sex and again spread AIDS.

Doesn’t the government understand this anymore that no-body gives a damm of what laws they make?? The things happening will happen...the only question is...will it be official or unofficial.

So better if they have it official, cos in that way NGO’s can keep a check on the couples and prevent AIDS as well.

Let’s hope the point is well taken...

About the title: Mothers Boy is a metaphor for Gay, as shown in Hindi Movie Dostana.

Oh last point I am straight and am engaged to a girl...but I just am just voicing my opinion against injustice with our fellow Indians...

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  1. It is not only Government but we as people also need to change. Most of us look at gays as if some creature from other world has come. Gays attract more stares than girls.

    Government will accept Homosexual, the day society starts accepting them.


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