Ok I have been tagged by Amrita... tagged...for slow learners (like me) tagged means...I have to write 5 things about myself that I like. Erm...well, quite interesting. How funny that of all the times, you find it difficult to praise yourself...just when you are told to!!!

Ok...but I am mustering my courage and writing:

1) I love my hair, yeah, the lovely curls on my head are standing since the day I was born. I tried with all the combs in the world but they bend to no side. Even if I put my hair in a blower they do not bend. Yeah they do bend for a while when I put on a gel, but after a few hours they are back.

2) I love the fact that I have always blessed with people I love, be it my parents, my girlfriend or my siblings. They all manage to bear me around them.

3) I love my habit of reading, oh yes, I do and no I just don't read, I scan the information I like, pages and pages of them and store them in a secret folder called 'Subrosa' on my computer. That can be the last fight between Harry and Voldemort or even the new paper cutting on Al - Kaida (yes I scanned it) I have a huge collection now. :)

4) I love my habit of eating, my stomach literally digests anything except spinach (kinda reverse popeye isn't it?). Except green vegetable, I can eat anything at anytime.

5) I love my cartoons, they keep me alive and keep the child in me alive. So whenever I am even sitting on a client call, you will see me sketching there. The toon tells me to keep my cool and my hand guides my emotions to flow out. That really solves all my problems and I have a peaceful moments.

So there you go... I love those things about me and that keeps me separated from the crowd.

Ok, Now I am supposed to Tagg 5 people???

Adesh: Whenever, you are back from trip dude.
Mukund Awasthi: You remind me of Raghu from MTV, Would like to know more from you.

Kartik Sura: My dear friend, I would like to see what you write.
Kaddu: Would like to hear more from you.
Roshmi Sinha: I want to hear more from you.
So what you guys have to do is... write 5 things you like about you, on your blog or in comments here. Then tag 5 peoples and tell them to do so...and so on...and on...and on...and on....and on.


  1. Thanks! Appreciate it :)

    Will do this post soon...

  2. Hey thanks sid... :)
    Usually people compare me with Vishal of Vishal and Shekhar fame... I prefer Raghu though

  3. sid good information and interesting.

  4. Done!

    You have been tagged! Check out my latest post: "I have been tagged. Now its your turn... !!!"... for further details.


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