Thank you IndiBlogger and my friends...

What is one thing you hate about your blog??? its when it gives out radiant energy outside. Well, I hated the saffron color since the day I saw it...but my first target was to use Indian tri colors to design the blog.
Now such idiot ideas are out, and after a lot of pursuation I started modifing the design of the blog.

You see I have particularly designed this blog, here I can modify my header anytime I want... a kinda like google doodle idea. Sidoscope header logo will change accordingly.

Now i am alone out i won't change it for all holidays, but special ocasions. Like now...

IndiBlogger ranked me 67 out of 100...not bad, considering after 2 years of blogging I get two good friends, Mukund and Adesh who regularly visit my blog.

Well, I never knew a blogger world existed outside. I just loyally kept on posting my blog and hoping that someday someone will visit it. But hey now people are actually seeing it and I get a ranking too...woah, that calls for a celebration.

And lo and behold... my new cooled down version of SidoScope, with a brand new Logo.. The design and theme also matches with the weather outside. Its raining in Pune as I write this post, and for once i am with my parents after 9 months, so the blue theme. To represent rainy day and happy mood. Now my next modification will be using the available space on sides.. working on it.

I hope to post more and keep on borrowing ideas from others blogs as well, do tell me how does my new logo work does???

P.s. Hey do you want a cool logo for your blog? I can help you...keep following.. ;)


  1. Hey! The blue theme is just perfect... to celebrate the advent of the monsoons, and compliments your blog too...!!!

    Congratulations to you... on your IndiRank. Display it on your blog.

    Keep going! :)

    ... and Thanks for the follow... but, I cannot see you featured on the 'followers widget' on my blog. Is there a problem... ???

  2. Just a suggestion, though... I see that the number of posts varies from page to page... on your blog.

    It may be a good idea to bring uniformity in the number of posts...

    And great... that you are displaying your IndiRank!

    Keep going!

  3. I had accidently checked on follow privately...rectified the mistake.

  4. I did not understand the suggestion...r u referring to related post???

  5. Ok... here it is.

    The first page on your blog has 2 posts... only. The 2nd and 3rd pages have 20 posts each.

    I was just suggesting... that the number of posts on each page be brought down and an uniformity achieved... like 5/6 posts per page. And try and put up a "Recent Posts" widget.

    Will help your blog to load faster as well.

    Its just a suggestion, though!

  6. Congrats buddy....
    The blue color looks really cool...
    There is a huge blogger world outside... just keep exploring it whenever you get time...

  7. oh and two post on main page i did for the blog to load faster...
    and yes, blog has a recent post widget

  8. @mukund
    yeah i do explore it...always... not to mention word-to-word reading of every blog i follow...


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