100th Post: My journey in Blogsphere!!!

Ok...here it is, 100th Post of my blog. Yeah and this is the hundredth post as I removed all the fillers and unwanted post I had from my blog to ensure that this post remains 100. This post is to tell my journey in Blogsphere. I chose the particular date also very carefully, today is Dipu's birthday and today marks the century of my blog.

This is my salute and thank you to all those who made Sid-O-Scope. This post is about past, present and future of Sid-O-Scope!!!!

I joined blogsphere on August 2006, although I had few websites up by belt by then (all mine and none working) hosted on geocities, googlepages(Both servers are shutting down) webng (now host for my images) and many other free services.
When I joined blogsphere I was a collegian and was in my third year. The blog was yet another trial of website to host my poems. So I joined blogspot with Siddhuism (A blog I meant to shut down soon) a blog exclusive for my poems.

In fact SidoScope was not even create till September 2007!!!!
Also, I did not get exact domain Siddhuism, instead I used a misspelled domain Siduism for the blog. So my poems blog was up and running and I had some poems on it.
And then some of my friends threatened me to publish my articles on blog (which are appearing on many magazines) so they can have a decent read in a single place and hence I created Sid-O-Scope.

Well, if you see my visitors rate and followers you will notice that it is very less. That is because, I did not know any stuff about blogging and I decently and honestly kept posting without paying heed whether anyone reading or no, although i did flood my friends mailboxes with forced updates from the blog.
Then I peeped into some other blogs and found some cool stuff out there, speacially Aditi Mathur's Blog where I saw the link, member of IndiBlogger and wallah it opened me a complete new world of blogging!!!
Then then then...its all changed, then I posted blog for review and finally got some decent comments which inspired me to write more and more. Mukund was the first to comment from IndiBlogger followed by Adesh, both are good friend now. Both posting on same date by a time difference of a hour.

So then I thought of modifying Sid-O-Scope completely. Such a power of human brain that the train of thoughts began automatically. By the time I decided modifying Sid-O-Scope, I had Googled blog designs for inspiration and thought what content is going to appear.

What future holds????
 For one, I am closing down Siddhuism, althought I am not giving up the name (heh heh heh) but simpy redirecting the users here and merging the blog with the Sid-O-Scope. Why? Cos its real pain managing both blogs.

Next, I am gonna post my toons on Sid-O-Scope, starting which you can see wisdumb preview now. The wisdumb will be part of the post.  Regular comic strips will start making their debut on web.
Comments are welcome, suggestions are welcome.

You, my friend, is welcome too.  If you are reading this I am expecting some comments from you.


  1. hey dude, awesome..100 posts!!! wow. So does this mean Chamya will be posted here for free??? I've been asking u to this since ages!!!

  2. hey congozz on completing 100 posts evn more ;) :P

    on blogesville...

    keep going :):)

  3. You sure spend a lot of time on blog man. Good thing you wrote 100 post...omigod, how much time do you spend online???

  4. Hey Asi...thanks yaar. Yup, I have talked to my ed...i'll be posting chamya here...:D

    Thanks and welcome to the blog...

    heh heh heh...my record is 18 hours flat without break...;)

  5. Congrats on your century! Thats quite a landmark...

    I have still some way to go... meaning some more posts to reach there.

    ... And thanks for the cake! :)

  6. @roshmi
    You can share the cake on ur century too...

    yo man...thanks...

  7. many congratulations on ur 100th post.. i share similar sentiments when it came to actually get my blog up and running.. its surely been a great learning exp.. wishing u hit other landmarks (200, 500 et al) pretty soon..


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