Atheist- A perspective.

Just heard this Marathi poem and wished to share this with you people, I am roughly translating this poem in english, please forgive me if I translate something wrong and can suggest me better translation.
Poem by : Sandeep Khare, Salil Kulkalri, The deadly duo maestros of marathi musical.

Original Poem in Marathi: 
एक खराखुरा नास्तिक जेव्हा देवळा बाहेर थांबतो
तेव्हा खरे तर गाभार्यातच भर पडत असते
की कोणीतरी आपआपल्या पुर्ता सत्याशी का होइना
पण प्रामाणिक पणे चिक्टून राहील्याच्या पुण्याइची !

एक खराखुरा नास्तिक जेव्हा देवळा बाहेर थांबतो
तेव्हा होते निर्माण
देवाने आपला आळस झटकून देवळा बाहेर येण्याची !

एक खराखुरा नास्तिक जेव्हा देवळा बाहेर थांबतो
तेव्हा कोर्या नाजरेने पाहत राहतो
सभोवतालच्या हाल चाली, भाविकांच्या जात्रा.......
कोणितरी स्वतःचे ओझे , स्वतःच्या पायांवर
सांभाळत असल्याचे समाधान लाभते देवालाच !

म्हणून तर एक खराखुरा नास्तिक जेव्हा देवळा बाहेर थांबतो
तेव्हा देवाला एक भक्त कमी मिळत असेल कदाचित !
पण मिळते अकंठ समाधान एक सहकारी लाभल्याच

देऊळ बंद झाल्यावर एक मरट आळस देऊन
बाहेर तातकाळलेल्या नास्तिकाशी गप्पा मारता मारता
देव म्हणतो, "दर्शन देत जा अधून मधून...............
तुमचा नसेल विश्वास आमच्यावर,
पण आमचा तर आहे ना !"

देवळा बाहेर थांबलेला एक खराखुरा नास्तिक
कंटाळलेल्या देवाला मोठ्या मिन्नत्वरिने पाठवतो देवळात
तेव्हा कुठे अनंत वर्षे आपण घेऊ शकतो दर्शन
आस्तिकवातच्या भर्जरी शालित गुद्मरलेल्या देवाचे..........

When a true atheist stands outside a temple
Some offering is actually being made to the altar
Of the goodwill, that at least someone, loyally stands behind his belief,
Even if it is a selfish one
When a true atheist stands outside a temple
It generates a need for God to shirk his sluggishness
And step outside the temple
When a true atheist stands outside the temple
He listlessly looks upon the happenings in his surroundings,
hordes of believers...
God Himself feels the satisfaction
that somebody is bearing his onus on his own shoulders !
Which is why when an atheist stands outside the temple
Maybe God gets deprived of a follower
But He feels the enormous satisfaction
of having gained a colleague

When the temple closes down,
As God has a lazy chat with the atheist stranded outside,
God says to him, "Keep visiting....
You might not believe in me,
But I believe in you !"
The atheist standing outside the temple finally sends the
weary God back into the temple with much persuasion
Which is when, for countless years to come, we can pay homage to
the God, who is smothered in the expensive shawl
showered upon Him by theists........

marvelous isn't it??? Makes me feel proud of being a atheist!!!!


  1. loved the poem...niice one...infact gr88 one..but am not an atheist.. but I respect both atheists n agnostics n believers alike :)

  2. beautiful poem...
    an atheist may not believe in God. nevertheless belief there is, in him... We all are believers. its impossible to live without it.

  3. @dev d...
    I know you must have loved this poem

    Its about perspective my dear, the words expressed in the poem are simply marvelous isn't it???

    The words written are the best!!!

  4. Sundar poem re...the poem is classic...the magical duo at it again huh.
    Hey even I saw the show on zee marathi. :D

  5. I probably did not get the inner meaning as I am confused how can God have a conversation with atheist.

    If God does have one, the atheist will become theist instantly.

    An atheist imagining this is also not feasible as the atheist won't imagine any god.

    The only way I see it is God in this case is some 3rd person or the person itself.

  6. @Shantanu
    Thanks a lot

    Atheism, according to me is not dis-belief in God but belief in yourself being more powerful than God. You may or may not believe in God, but see the line, God says, 'You may not believe in me, but I do believe in you'

    Dats d catch...and its a poem man, you do get poetic freedm


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