Tap Tap barsa pani....rain rain...come again!!!!

Imagine this.... a hot cup of coffee, a full garma garam plate of kanda (onion) bhuji and little droplets of rain falling around.... feels like heaven without a raymond isn't it???

Pure bliss...that was my reaction when I saw the little drops of water touch my hand. Yesh, after a lots and lots of trouble it rained in Pune and it rained good.

It takes courage to tear through the pouring downfall and reach your office on time. It takes Neo's skills in the Matrix to dodge the pellets of mud splashed on you by passing vehicles.
Just when you are running towards the office for a urgent meeting, there is a pleasant downpour to wash all your efforts of reaching on time!!!

This rain has brought back many memories of past. Those glory young days when I used to jump into poodles coming back from school, or the day we used to race our cycles through a water poodle. When there was flood in Chinchwad, me and my friends jumped into water for a swim. Later on we were chased by cops from the water. Pleasent memories.

So anyways, I am editing this post sitting in my balcony carrying a cup of coffee and munching on hot kanda bhaji  (Onion Pakoda) prepared by my sweet mom.



  1. nice post bro.. describing our schol days made me remember mine too.. cheers to those moments

  2. i loveee rains and i totally love all the yum stuff u r getting to eat, made me all hungry..nice write up Sid! planning to dig into ur blog archives when i can (read when there is electricity and internet connection)

  3. Aniket, remember we used to bunk college to do TP and the reasons we gave was its was rainy and flood had blocked the way!!
    I used it many times ;)

    Rain is lovable when you enjoy a hot cuppa coffee standing in the balcony watching the small pellets?? ain't it???
    Btw. Welcome to the blog. :D

  4. Ahh! The rains... they bring different thoughts and memories... to everyone.

  5. @roshmi
    Always....pure bliss...:)

  6. Huh! Yeh kya hui gawa...???

    Yeh 'Ravan' kahan se aa gaya...???

    P.S. And isn't it 'Tip Tip barsa paani'... ?!! :)

  7. There is one more SiD who post comments on blogger...so i tot lets not confuse ppl...and now that i am started posting cartoons as well...ravan is my nickname when i was a cartoonist...:D

  8. and as far as tip tip...and tap tap...remember i heard it on steel ceiling...;)


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