And the award goes too…

Hey hi there people, sorry if I missed your post for a couple of days, you see I was saving the world from Alien invasion and then went to hangout with friends on the moon.errr. no.actually I was a l'll busy and now I am back.

I have received complaints that some comments did not get published on the blog. I do not reject any complaint unless and until they are abusive in nature, was your comment not published? Please ping me on pingbox, leave an off liner with your name. If more people are facing the problem, I need to contact blogger. Well, comment will get approved iff you do post a comment, so leave a comment here..:P ;)

So what is the best comeback post, then pass on the token of friendship to fellow bloggers???
Yeah it's the award time. You see Niveditha gave me three awards and one of the first awards that I received on blogosphere and I was supposed to pass them around.
award loveblogaward one_lovely_blog
So here it is..

The international Blogger Community award goes too…
awardRoshmi Sinha |Adesh Sidhu | Mukund| Sukalyan | Shadow | Vipul Grover | Pankaja | Kaddu | Niveditha | Arjuna | Dhiman |Shankar | Bharathi | Ranee | Nikita | Shruti | Ashwini | Pooja | Suga | Indian Pundit (I really wud like to know ur first name!!!) | Eidothia| Pra| Aparna| Rads
The I love your blog goes too…
The One Lovely Blog award goes too…

then, I had posted a competition and only 2 people (shocking but true) could answer it, was that so hard?? Gosh, the answer for the riddle on Riddle this post was.. Day and Night you see it is a modified version of the puzzle said by the sphinx, I modified it to blend into modern culture, in Greek culture Day is also a girl, I wrote brother and sister which is true in modern civilization.

So the award for genius blogger goes to..
Mukund and Nikita.
Clap Clap Clap.

So there ends the award ceremony, did I do it right?? These are my first award so I did not wish to miss one.
Now tags, oh yes Tags.Surprisingly I had 4 tags pending (yeah I tried hard to keep up with it, if I miss out your name, please inform) 3 where the same tag (Mind game) by Dhimanji, Shruti and Roshmi
So let me keep up with it.
1. What is your name: Siddhesh, naam toh suna hoga.;)
2. A four Letter Word: Song
3. A boy's Name: Siddhart.
4. A girl's Name: Shruti. Can't think of anything else.
5. An occupation: Sweeper! I am out of ideas!!!! Bombay_sweeper
6. A colour: Saffron. Mera rang de basanti chola, mohe rang de. Color my cape saffron color, sung by Bhagat Singh, a real freedom fighter.
7. Something you wear: Shoes. Every one does!!!
8. A food: Suji ka Halwa in Hindi/ Sheera in marathi Eating it as I am writing this post..;)
9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap, that is if you take a bath.:P
10. A place: Spain, aah the lovely city of Spain.
11. A reason for being late: Slipped on the road, see the road to my office and you will agree
12. Something you shout: Superb, I am going too if I finish this tag in one go.
13. A movie title: Salam-e-ishq, a movie I always love to watch.
14. Something you drink: Sprite, clear hai???
15. A musical group: Saaz, I was part of it, I think.I used to visit them on stage as bouncer. :P
16. An animal: Swordfish, sorry couldn't think of anything else, I liked to movie too..;)
17. A Street name: Shimla office in Shivaji Nagar, Pune.
18. A type of car: Saab, Aero X, My dream car after Lamborghini.
19. A song title: Sau saal pehle, mujhe tumse pyaar tha, aaj bhi hai aur. (yeah boring choice, but its stuck in my mouth. Don't ask for translation, it's a hindi song.)
20. A verb: Say.
Oh well, this tag was real tuff!!!
And yes I have to catch some more bakras for the horrible mind game…
Ashwini | Pooja | Suga | Bharathi | Ranee| Indian Pundit these are new people I haven’t tagged before…:D

The ABC Tag.

I was tagged for ABC by the lovely Shruti.
So here comes my ABC!
A - Available/Single? Nope, not at all.I am committed to the beautiful Dipu.
DSC05698copyB - Best friend? One and only, Dipu, we started as friends and ended in relationship!!!
C - Cake or Pie? Cake anytime, I get one??
D - Drink of choice? Beer, Hu la la la la lo le lo.
E - Essential item you use every day? My Lappy.
F - Favorite color? Red
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? None, we don't get them in India.
H - Hometown? Pune.
I - Indulgence? Writing comics, novels, designing websites, blogs etc.
J - January or February? birthday and also the day I proposed (I proposed on the next day of my birthday as I was out of station for my birthday)
K - Kids & their names? Rhea if a girl (That Dipu decided) and The Hulk if it's a boy.
L - Life is incomplete without? Dipu, my Parents and my Bro
M - Marriage date? I want it on 15th Jan, she doesn't like it.
N - Number of siblings? One... Younger brother! orange-apple
O - Oranges or Apples? Huh.Apples
P - Phobias/Fears? Fear of the unknown, had it since childhood.
Q - Quote for today? 'If you fight with the king, make sure you kill him' learned from experience.
R - Reason to smile? Whenever she calls and starts complaining.
S - Season? Winter, nights are longer, can sleep more..
T - Tag 3 People? Ashwini | Pooja | Suga
U - Unknown fact about me? Hmmm. I am prone to have anger outburst and slap people too easily (don't worry am on medication to control that!!!)
V - Vegetable you don't like? Brinjal.yuck!!!
W -Worst habit? I cannot control my rage like the Hulk.."Hulk Smash"
X - X-rays you've had? Huh.for my teeth (plural) two root canal operation.
Y-Your favorite food? Chicken Lung Fung soup.yummy!!!
Z - Zodiac sign? Capricon.baa baa

So that's it from my comeback post, please finish the tag for the people who are tagged in.and congrats for the awards. See you soon with one more dhamakedaar post. Bbye..
Please note: This post is also written in a hurry. I am again on the move to Noida, will catch some cool bloggers there. Pardon me if I did not comment on any post, I have read all the blogs in a reader but have very less time to come on blogosphere to comment. But I will definitely comment on each and every post soon.



  1. Hey thanks a lot for the awards :) :) it's so nice to receive awards :D I have done the ABC tag, will do the other tag soon.. thanks..

  2. Thank you Sid for the awards ...I feel really elated that too 3 awards at a time :X

    Talking of the Tags for the first one I bath everyday so ;) ... you know names begining with 'S' is a very common so its more difficult but you did well....

    For the ABC Tag I liked your Drink of choice ;))
    Me to a Capri well so many of them here in blogosphere gr8 we goats seem to rule ;;) ....

  3. Congrats on three awards! Am I the first one to comment? I like to do that once !! Cool answers of both the tags.

  4. thank you very much to gimme the awards... but err.. as you know i am new to all this, can u temme how do i post it on my blog?
    i know you'll think i am soo dumb. :P
    anyways thanks :)

    keep blogging

  5. Thanks a lot sid for your kind awards. How do I post it there in my blog. any HTML code available?

  6. Hey pal. I found the code myself. I published your awards in my blog. thanks again.

    Besides, thanks for tagging but I already took these tags. you can check it here

  7. Hey Sid,
    thank you so much for the awards!
    I have them in my blog...check them.
    Coming to your post,,
    First tag:
    Shruti? woh tho meri naam hai sid baai!

    Both the tags were nicely done!

    keep smiling!

  8. @Ashwini...
    will see you finish the tag..:D

  9. @Dhiman
    Yeah we goats definitely rule...:D
    Khoob milega rang jab mil baithenge 3 yaar...aap, main aur....;)

  10. @Pra
    Sorry u r not the first one to comment..u c i moderate comments and can't do that from office...;)

    Congo on your award too...

  11. @Pooja and Bharathi
    is there a code for that??? I just grabbed the pictures and put them in my Picasa album to create a slide show...u can download the pics and use them...:D

  12. @Shruti
    As i said couldn't think of anything else...;)

  13. well deserved awards there....and congratulations to all those who received the awards..

    waiting for more of your 55 fiction..


  14. ohhh Sid m honoured :)
    thanks for the awards :)
    n the song choice is lols:P hahaha ... had fun reading it .. n m already dne wid the tag :)

  15. Hey Thanks a lot for the awards, I appreciate it, glad you like my blog :)

  16. Heyy... thanks for the awards... cool... I am a certified genius blogger now... before this only I knew it... :)

  17. @Rane
    Thanks...and i suppose u have seen the new fiction 55???

    heh heh heh..;)

    Yo dude...u did answer the riddle...:D


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