There are times in your life when you always face situation in which you are clueless. You have no clue of the present situation and find yourself dumb founded at the moment.

I have situations like this always in my life...mentioning few here.

Situation 1:
You, driving in a hurry to your office on the freeway. Phone rings, thanks to Nokia auto-answer feature it is automatically picked up and the voice in your hands-free.

'I have send the truck over to your place, just collect it ok.'
'Errr...hello?' you.
'Who are you?' the caller. You tell me duh uh.
'Hello, you called me,' you.
'Shinde?' he asks feebly.
'Oh sorry, wrong number,'

You. Clueless...

Situation 2:

You trying to think of a reason to give to your manager about the delay in delivery. Your collegue,
'Dude, did you check the,' he exclaims like he discovered the fault in LHC, 'You know if you do this this....blah blah blah blah...tomcat...blah blah blah...'

Situation 3:
Your previous blog post has yet to receive considerable comments so you can't write one more, you have read all the blog posted by your friends, Twitter is down, and facebook is showing errors...aah... you have nothing else to do.
You walk outside and see your mom watching some television serials, if I was a ninja I could sneak in and snatch that remote control and tune into cartoon network, no chance of grabbing it now. So reluctantly have to watch another of Ekta and gang's horrible ideas of human torture.

Oh that serial is getting interesting and suddenly nature calls, excited about what is going to happen next you immediately join the seat again and find the person who was Villain ten minutes ago is now the main hero. Oh my...what happened? How come such a drastic change?

You watch around clueless...until then it dawns on you....the swap function on teevee remote at work. Two different channel same set of actors.
You. Clueless.

Situation 4:
Worse situation. You having a nice time in office toilet come out quite pleased and light. Suddenly a senior manager walks by smiling and asked,
'Hey wassup,'
You...clueless what to say exactly.

Situation 5:
Someone rights a blog post on Clueless on his blog. You visit it, you have to, you have subscribed to it. Read the article.
You. Clueless exactly what to comment???
Still do comment. TGIF :D

Image : SimpsonsCrazy


  1. Situation 6
    You read the whole post and you are NOT clueless about what to comment coz it's damn funny and interesting and it sure happens around!
    A good read!! :)

  2. Hey Shilpa thanks are a sweet person to not get clueless....:D

  3. Haha... Man the wassup situation was the best... I face the don't know what answer to give to the boss situation all the time... specially when he forgets when the due date for the work is... Great post had a nice laugh.. :)

  4. hey welcome back...mukund...:D the scene happens many tines wid our bosses...The situation is very very tensed!!!

  5. Thats a great read dude.

    Situation 3 and 4 rocked big time.


  6. He he he! Where do you get such whacky ideas from for your posts? I was laughing so hard, I almost fell off the chair! The 3rd one about the 2-different-serials-on-2-different-channels-with-same-actors was totally outrageous! =)) =)) =))

  7. @IndianPundit
    Hey thanks buddy, can I know your name? Would like to refer you with your name henceforth...:D
    Cos Indian Pundit sounds like I am visiting a temple...:D

  8. @kaddu
    You see life is the best teacher...all my wacky ideas are inspired from life, the situation number 3 happened 2 days ago when Twitter was hacked.
    I still don't know the name of the serials which I was watching.
    I have challenged Dipu that I will watch some Jungle show with her this weekend, wait for my next post.

  9. LOL. I enjoyed situation 4. Very humorous.

  10. hey sid,found that you joined blog. Keep tracking..
    BTW, This clueless was simply awesom... I was imagining myself in all those situations.. 'Ekta's soap' and 'wasup' is the pick of the lot!

    keep smiling

  11. @Rane
    Arey TGIF means...thank God its friday...:D its a war cry sang by all the working class, in a deliberate attempt to freedom...;)

    I slept the whole day today...:D

  12. its more than 12 hrs. You didn't reply to my comment

  13. @Shruti
    Am so sorry dear, i totally missed it out...

    Please pardon my goofiness.

    And welcome to the blog...:D

    Btw. There are many phunny post on my;)

    Keep Visiting...and promise next time it will b less than 12 hrs...


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