The Cream and Scum of Blogging

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You see there are two types of people in the world, one who write a blog and second, as Nivedita says, whose soul has been sucked out!!!

Well, thankfully I am first one of the kind and I have my baby up and running here, my own kaleidoscope, better than any other.

So the point right now is the cream...
Oh yeah...the cream...
1) With blogging you get to voice out your opinion to the world (yeah I know I have very less page views but world sounds cool)
2) You can impress that sweet girl sitting in the next cubicle that you are a writer.

3) Your soul remains with you (Courtesy: Nivedita)
4)You get to know good friends and hear what others think over you.
5) At the end of the day whenever you logging on blog dashboard, you see 1 Comment need to be moderated, you have a smirk on your face (That reminds YOU, do comment)
6) You get to participate in all such marathons without moving a inch (Lazy boy speaks)

Aaah, but you see the Law of Kalyuga, nothing has a happy ending, cos if there is a happy ending, it simply means the TRP is very low, right Ekta???

Yeah so the SCUM (Sorry About the Pic, but it suits the mood out here)

1) People like Champak Bhumiya can voice out opinion like Why should Obama release Nukes?? (Meaning alternate and useless and dangerous theories)

2) Personal experience, you get comments from unfit and unwanted people who propose alternate theories on you (Specially religious)

3) You get a feeling of hopelessness if you do not get a comment (Again note to reader, COMMENT MARO)

4) Your post may offend someones sentiment (Again personal experience, deleted the controverial post)

5) You get a urge to splash your personal life online (Someone posted the number of time she had sex in a week!!!!)

Can't think of anything anymore...I find that pic very disgusting thought. Anywaysm what are your thought on the topic???

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  1. So blog updates, from this day onwards...August 2009, I have added comment Box (and it works!!), Continue reading... on blogpost, Chamya has landed on top browser (fav icon) and I am happy...:D

  2. Nice point by point analysis Sid.. tht nxt cubicle girl reason was the most potent one;)

  3. hey that was very very interesting..

    i agree with all of the above.. if you are anonymous then sharing personal life lifts a lot of burdens off your shoulders.. but too much of blogging leads to blurring the divide between real and virtual life which can be both good or bad depending upon the situation... fantastic post Sid without a doubt..

  4. ok so i have taken note of point 5 in creamy part and point 3 in scum part .......i am commenting ;)
    well sometimes (experience saying) you tend to get so involved in writing blogs that you pent in your revolts, anger, expressions, emotions in the blog that it starts getting personal ( except about the point 5 in the scum part ) ....hehehe.

  5. ok so i am taking note of point 5 from creamy part and point 3 from scum part ......I am commenting
    wel sometimes it so happens that you tend to get so involved in blogging that you pent out your revolts, anger....emotios and the blog starts getting personal .....ya but i dunno about the very personal things that you blog about as per your point 5 in scum part hahaha

  6. Hey Sid, you sure give 'compulsive reminders' in your posts to your readers so that they leave a comment.
    Well I being a lesser mortal with a weak will power could not resist your reminders and was hypnotically pulled towards your comment box so that i could leave a comment.
    Great post, good dose of dry humor. Love to be a part of the Blog-A-Ton initiative only because I get to read such great stuff by great paople.

  7. @Vipul..
    Thanks buddy...the next cubicle girl is a nice reason, however she just visits the design...does not read it...:D

    Thanks man,
    I am sure others post will be nice as well, just got time from the day and gonna read all of them...:D

    Trust me my dear...I have seen the blog with point number 5, was shocked myself...but hey c'mon if the author is ok with it...kya kar sakte hai???

  8. @Arjuna.
    I love ur name...cos it reminds me of my friend Arjun, anyways...u see my google analytics shows a good improvement in page visits however u see by some dark magic, i find no comments on the page. So finally put that in my post...:D
    Oh and ur post is also brilliant...i was reading ur post wen u were commenting here...:D

  9. Point number 2 of your cream brought me a smile.
    For your point number five of scum, someone inside me asked in a low voice 'which blog'

  10. @Bharati
    I did try to impress someone that I was a writer.

    About point number 5, well lets just say it does exist, the person may be bold enough, but sidoscope is no place for such you can go explore...:D

  11. Interesting points...This is the second post I am reading related to blog a ton. I choose not to be lazy and so am not going to check it out! haha...

    I love your cream points though. And thanks for your comments on my blog. Much appreciated! :)

  12. @Choco
    I guess i should be honored then of your noble thoughts over it. Although I am still not sure I understood the comment. But still, appreciated. Hope to see you more and add less enigmatic comments!!!

  13. Pretty humorous style and thus a very interesting post!! :)

    And this write-up before one posts a comment is a sure winner! Too Cool! :D

  14. Oh thanks a lot Shilpa...welcome to the blog, hope to see you more...:D

  15. wow....This post for blog a ton is really nice one..excellent point wise analysis....well done mate..

  16. Well Well Point no.2 of Cream gives a 'ray of hope' and i feel I must start flaunting by "blog" alongwith the imaginary biceps...

  17. @Shankar
    Thanks man...I just blogged honestly...(*blush*)

    Dude, if you have not done it are far behind...:D
    Try it works wonder...:D

  18. God that long list of to-dos nearly frightened me into going away without commenting.

    But how cant i comment on a fellow blogaton's post? Heh ! else who is goin' to visit mine ;)

    Its a pleasure to discover so many great blogs thru this forum.

  19. @avdi...
    Although I appretiate your commenting on the post, however you can comment only if you really wish too..cos this ain't a barter commenting here may not necessarily mean I am gonna visit back...:P
    I already have visited. :|


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