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You see there are two types of people in the world, one who write a blog and second, as Nivedita says, whose soul has been sucked out!!!

Well, thankfully I am first one of the kind and I have my baby up and running here, my own kaleidoscope, better than any other.

So the point right now is the cream...
Oh yeah...the cream...
1) With blogging you get to voice out your opinion to the world (yeah I know I have very less page views but world sounds cool)
2) You can impress that sweet girl sitting in the next cubicle that you are a writer.

3) Your soul remains with you (Courtesy: Nivedita)
4)You get to know good friends and hear what others think over you.
5) At the end of the day whenever you logging on blog dashboard, you see 1 Comment need to be moderated, you have a smirk on your face (That reminds YOU, do comment)
6) You get to participate in all such marathons without moving a inch (Lazy boy speaks)

Aaah, but you see the Law of Kalyuga, nothing has a happy ending, cos if there is a happy ending, it simply means the TRP is very low, right Ekta???

Yeah so the SCUM (Sorry About the Pic, but it suits the mood out here)

1) People like Champak Bhumiya can voice out opinion like Why should Obama release Nukes?? (Meaning alternate and useless and dangerous theories)

2) Personal experience, you get comments from unfit and unwanted people who propose alternate theories on you (Specially religious)

3) You get a feeling of hopelessness if you do not get a comment (Again note to reader, COMMENT MARO)

4) Your post may offend someones sentiment (Again personal experience, deleted the controverial post)

5) You get a urge to splash your personal life online (Someone posted the number of time she had sex in a week!!!!)

Can't think of anything anymore...I find that pic very disgusting thought. Anywaysm what are your thought on the topic???

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