Fiction 55: Sid the kid, Door Bell.

I hope you are not bored with the 55 words seen to have spread across blogosphere faster than Swine Flu. Well, Roshmi asked me, why is it 55 Fiction always has a tragic ending? Vipul challenged me to do a rib tickling Fiction 55, Kaddu needed a happy ending and I thought why not? Of course, why can't a dose of  humor be embedded in 55 words? So presenting Sid the kid, my new character for the 55 Fiction series. The name Sid the kid is given by Shruti, who, for some reason refers to me as Sid the kid.

Sid the kid was stretching hard to reach the doorbell.
Smiling at his little efforts, she rang the doorbell for him.
'There you go, young man, now what?' she asked.
'Now run,' said Sid the kid and ran away.
She froze to see the house owner come out with his bulldog.

The awesome image courtesy: Google Images


  1. This is the best 55 fiction I read untill now! I know I haven't read much only 2 or 3 but still I loved this one!!
    You have a very creative blog here..

  2. lol...i actually giggled after reading this one. mere pados ke bachche bilkul aise hi hain :P

  3. hhahahhahha.. woaa!! pat on the back..and i am so proud of you.. my first smiling 55 fiction that i've ever read.. thank you for this.. :)

  4. @prashansa
    Hey Thanks...and welcome to the blog here...:D

  5. @Nikita
    Don't go to help them ring the bell...this was meant to make reader laugh...and thank God it did...;)

  6. @Rane...
    *Blushing* gee...thanks...:D I feel proud that I achieved what I had set for..;)

  7. @Ashwini can get bitten by the bug too...go on write the fiction 55...;)

  8. my comment dint get published X-(
    anyways sid the kid!!!
    seems yu have created a big attempt!!
    continue with those pranks!!
    gud luck 2 u!!!!!
    keep smiling

  9. Hi Sid

    Great job buddy.

    It reminds me of my own childhood days.

    Felt good that i looked back.


  10. Lol!!! First "Phunny" 55-er...
    actually 55-Fiction is a fiction like any other so it can be happy one as well and you prove it...looking forward to Sid the Kid's series :)

  11. good one pla. try more in this category. I like the look of sid the kid :-)

  12. @Shruti
    was in d office m'dear to publish the comment...waha se nahi kar sakta...heh heh named Sid the kid here it is...;)

  13. @Shadow
    Hey thanks...:D

    Yeah was a big attempt...par was successful isn't it?? I am planning a bi-monthly writeuo for Sid the kid...;)

    That Sid the kid is 'borrowed' from the web, will try to make my own Sid the kid soon..:D

  14. hahaha tht was funny. wat a brat .... i cud imagine myself in tht poors lady's wat happnd next ( i wud love to knw if the owner turned out to be a handsome young guy )

  15. Hmmmm! Sid the Kid got someone else in trouble and ran off! Hmmmm! ;) :D
    Continue with the series plz... as your Friday 55.

  16. Very creative writing..
    Keep it up dude.
    You can catch me here

  17. @Pankaja
    The owner came out with a doberman...r u seriously interested in the awesome love story??? :P

  18. @kaddu
    yeah and hey we all can continue the Friday Fiction 55?? What say???

  19. @Vijay
    Welcome to the blog man...will definitely catch u soon...:D


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