Fiction 55: Sid the Kid, the manhole

Sid the Kid is back. Yeah thanks for the overwhelming response to the prankster. A little history about Sid the Kid, the character was created by Shruti who teased me as Sid the Kid, and mentioned that she is writing article on Sid the kid. This gave birth to the prankster. The stories are inspired from Dennis the Menace (my favorite stories back then) and the Game, Neighbors from hell, revenge is a sweet game, and when I say inspired…I mean inspired, they are not copied.
Sid the Kid was opening the lid of manhole.
'Aha, caught you,' she screamed,'Tell me fast what did you do in there?'
'Let me see your nothing,' she climbed down the manhole and found...Nothing.
'Told ya,' said Sid the Kid peeping in and closed the manhole lid.
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Oh yeah…Sid the Kid has changed…check out the new graphic…



  1. wow .. i guess I have to follow this story from the start. Reading it from the middle doesnt help :p

    and am looking forward for another laugh riot ;)

  2. @Aditya
    There is no front or middle...its a fiction-55 a short story in 55 words...:P just imagine the rest...:P

  3. I thought for 5 whole minutes and then found out what you had meant.... glory man.... that's wit identified!!

    keep it up...I am going to read the entire blog of yours... my 'job to do' today night...

    btw u r welcome to my space!!

    cheers !!

  4. @Rahul
    Hi there buddy...i really think it will take more than 1 night to read my complete blog...however if you achieve it in a night...i will get u a price...:D

    welcome to sidoscope...:D

  5. Great Idea to create a series with 55-Fiction. Nowadays, every blog I visit including my own has 55-Fiction. But, The series that you created is too good.

  6. The new look of 'Sid the Kid' is nice !! The story was hilarious as ever ...

  7. @Prathamesh
    Thanks you liked it...:D


  8. :))

    He seems to be an incarnation of Dennis the Menace.....


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