Fiction –55 The Strawberry

55fiction A Fiction-55 story is the micro fiction that is 55 words or less. Obviously I have bitten by the bug so well, that this is my 4th story in last one week. I have also created a separate menu on top nav bar for my 55-fiction. A friend told me this inspiring story from zen culture thought of sharing it with you in 55 words. Read more about 55-fiction on the wiki
2648c88e6655f435f6547686d8cf92dfHe hung there clinging for his life on the strawberry wine, HarbinDandong 079

Suddenly he saw three tiger stood below waiting for their lunch and two mice gnawing at the strawberry wine from the top.
The man swiftly pressed the luscious, red strawberry onto his tongue, he enjoyed the finest,juiciest,sweetest meal of his life.
How is it???
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P.s. Oh yes, I posted back to back. Its Sunday and all malls are closed. So do see the Riddle post as well.


  1. The question is How long will 'He' enjoy the strawberries ....and if the tigers are Royal Bengal ones from Sunderbans then 'they' can climb trees as well ;;)
    Nice one ;)

  2. gr8 one!!

    I really like Zen stories. They are so hilarious as well as enlightening.. :)

    Thanx for the post :)

  3. hehe.. maybe after eating strawberry, he will taste better for the tigers (who will eventually eat him).. but nice twist in the tale.. enjoyed it

  4. @Rane

    The man is enjoying his strawberries for last time, don't give him a heart attack..:P
    The rats are as it is going to kill him...

  5. @Amit
    Thanks...and welcome to the blog...:D

    Lets pray so...;)


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