Five bucks and a pizza...

'Five bucks and a pizza says you cannot say A to Z' said Dipu.
'I can..' I boasted proud-fully.
'Let me see..,' she smiled.
Pulling the complete confidence stuffed into me by my LKG teacher I started, 'A...B...C....D...' and on and on....and then...'Oh damm, what comes after H?... oh right J,' she raised her eyebrows, I realized wrong answer...

'Oh well, K.' She gave me the stare, 'Aaah missed I' I said proudly to learn game over.

Aaah man, this is so unreal. I mean, me being a blogger and all that...and I dunno ABCD...

'Ok, lets try something else...' she said again.
'What now? 1 to hundred? Don't! I get lost after 60,' I replied.
'Who made you an engineer Sid?' she smiled and making me feel completely ashamed of myself left.

I lost five bucks and I know where am I going to eat this weekend.

Five bucks and a pizza says, you cannot say A to Z....try it.

Oh btw...Just learned they are making a movie on me. 'Wake up Sid' the story of a boy who refused to grow up. Interesting isn't it??? They must have been interested in this post, I wrote long back.


  1. hehe ... really ... grow up Sid !!! hehee ... jokes apart i guess its great fun to reamain a kid all our lives.. n those whu say grow up are the ones who miss their childhood most ... wat say ??? :)

  2. OMG OMG i dont buy that... dont tell me you dont abcd and 1 to 100...oh come on! very funny!

  3. Haha.. this reminds me of Sid :P (the sid from Ice age series) I know now you would want to kill me :P

  4. @Rane,
    even i did not buy that yaar. I was shocked to see I could not say it...:(
    I lost a pizza...dammm

  5. @Suga
    really people do forget how blissful it is to lead a happy life...people shout at me when I put my head out of the car...but hey its fun...

  6. @Ashwini
    Aaah no I won't kill you cos I liked that cute sid in Ice Age..isn't he the one who adopts the dinosaurs??? :P

  7. Sid,

    Well A B C D is basic.

    Yesterday we had a bet over putting it reverse way, like Z Y X W V U T S ... C B A
    Well 20 people mad to get all 26 reverse right! 1 succeeded, after 30 minutes. Was fun !!!

  8. @Sunny
    hi man, we have not officially met i suppose...

    I found it crazy and difficult in saying it straight...wondering how i will be doing it in reverse...:D

  9. Hey I have included yahoo smiley box to comment...isn't it cool??? ;)

  10. Hmm... ABC problem then what'll happen with the regional languages like Hindi...

  11. @Dhiman
    this was a l'll hindi I give up after 40..:D

  12. hey sid,
    u r still a kid...
    glad that i named u as "sid the kid"
    "wake up sid" has ranbir kapoor,my heart throb!!!
    i got reminded f u wen i saw that news!!!
    so sad that u din get pizza? :P :D

  13. @Shruti
    hota hai hota hai...glad to see u reminded me when u tot of heartthrob...i have to check who actually stole my life to make a movie out of it...:P

  14. Yeah right.. but dont go along adopting dino kids like him


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