The Great Canyon

You see...the point is...I am an idiot, well no, seriously. I am an Idiot. Well, I had a blog, a bery bery good blog and I used Google Analytics to monitor it Oh, well all was going fine and nice...when..well, the other day I opened a blog to see the Great Canyon, right then and visitors since 13th July..

oh my...blogger nightmare...freakshow...and then chinese tubelight(saves electricity you see) lights up in my brain...well I changed my blog design on 13th July and forgot to update the Google Analytics code!!!
Well, this generated the great canyon...which Chamya is flying across!!!!
Well this is not all... it took me around 15-20 days looking for the Google Analytic code on Google site!!! my stupidity does not end here, I add that code, screw up my blog code and den all the mehenat goes down the internet drain!!!

So thank to God and blogger to have their backup system in place, I restore my blog...and again forget to add the code!!!

I added the code back where it was yesterday and we are back in business. :D
So today Chamya is flying across The Great Canyon!!!

I have a special bond with the animal kingdom, no I am not Mogli, I have a special bond with Urban Animal kingdom.

Today being a Saturday, I decided to run few errands around the block. People living in big bunglows usually tend to have a big board outside, 'Beware of Dogs' but this house had a strange sign, 'Forget the Dog, beware the owner' huh, so I peeped into the gate cautiously lest I find a hungry great dane waiting for his high-tea and I find none.

I enter the garden with a air of confidence and ring the door bell. Not aware that someone was drooling behind me...uh ok...and that somone happened to be a doberman, infact two of them (probably lovers how can I tell??)

Doberman number 1 came forward and starter sniffing me.

A tip from the past, don't move in a situation like this, ok, I stood still, feeling the heart beat faster (it was so fast that if I was the Bruce Banner it would be Hulk Smash then and there)

You see the problem with modern door bells is that you are not sure wheater they ring or no. The same scene happened here, and I stood there sweating and unmoving, while the owners had gone into godknowswhich abyss!!

Finally a Bai (maid servant) opens the door and with the typical voice of a Bai shouts, 'Kaun chayiye? yaha sab logan bahar gayach hai' (Nobody's at home, all have gone out)

At that point I wanted to shout 'Help Me' so that the plane flying over my head would come down, but a feeble voice sprouted out of my frightened lips, 'Kutte?' (Dogs. This words can also refer to the owners who have left me in near death situation)

Arey yeh nai chawtay, nikalo' (They don't bite, go in some Godknowswhat language)

OK, again, my instinct told me if I move I am doomed, the lady told me no problem. I had to get out of the situation, so I muster all my remaining courage and start walking back, only to find the duo following me!!!

The gate 10 steps away and two doberman following me, one already sniffed me, so has my id. calm...I walked till the gate and slowly opened it...and happened...

The dog number 1 started barking...aha...barking dogs don't bite...but he ran towards the gate and I had to do a shaktimaan jump outside and close it. I am not sure if he had come to bite me or kill me (how is it different God knows) but safely on the other side of fence made me confidence and I hit a pebble on that Dog and ran away!!!

Morale of the story: I am an Idiot.

Second Moral of the story: Don't stand in one place to test if barking dogs bite or no.



  1. it was so brilliantly written that I actually felt that I saw the entire 'doberman episode' happen right in front of my eyes..

    Happy friendship day to you too..:)

  2. Ha ha ha! I have done this too! Tweaked the template and corrupted the GA code. Fortunately for me though, I ahd that "Grand Canyon" on my blog only for abt a week! :D

  3. @Rane,
    Oh you must have seen how I freaked out that time then...:D

    welcome to the blog ma'am and great..share your canyon..I'll Chamya fly over there too..;)

  4. Erm...Suku...are you looking for some words???[:o]

  5. Wow! An amazingly funny post!!

    Yeah, I can empathize, coz I went through some miserable time when I changed my template...lost some widgets etc!! But was a great learning experience!!

    Anyways, All's Well That Ends Well!! :)

  6. @Shilpa
    Yeah...its fun changing your template...and welcome 2 blog...:D

  7. Sid, I've actually done this not once, but twice--and you're right, that canyon (in my case the flat-lining) bites you right in the gut as no doberman could!

    I enjoyed this post--thanks for making my Monday morning. Work's going to be more palatable now.


  8. @Ranee
    Hey see the feeling is mutual as you have made my Monday morning by posting a comment, hope to see you more. :D

  9. Hey I just came across your blog.. it's really humorous.. I am so scared of dogs after a doberman chased me once :( it was about to bite me but someone brought a stick and chased it away..

  10. @Ashwini,
    welcome to the blog...yeah, chased by the doberman is just like when Dementours chased Harry, ain't it??? :D
    Thank Goodness you had a protector around...;)


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