Happy 62th Birthday India

Its 62 years since we got our freedom (at least from the brits). India is just 62 years old but has seen terrorist attacks, wars, epidemics (one on-going), Bomb Blasts on the minus side, on the plus side, it has seen IT parks (not sure if its plus side or minus side for developers), express highways, Mumbai, metro railways and many many goodies.
Well, as is the tradition on the blog, I always try to photoblog on the day and pull some pics out of archives. These are the pictures when India was born, 15th August 1947.
To see my collection of other pictures. Please go through the related link section. I would like you to see those archives too…and yes of course, as usual do comment.
image007 image001 image002 image003 image004 image005 image006


  1. Happy Independence Day!!! :) Nice collection

  2. beautiful post ...loved the compilation :)

    happy Independence day :):)

  3. @Suga, Ashwini, Priya...
    Congratulation, we are free and independent for 62 years!!!

  4. Hey Dude

    This is awesome.

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Independence Day to you.

    Cheers and have fun

  5. Happy Independence Day Sid... India is 62 now... :)
    Great Pics...


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