When a man tried to understand a woman!!!

This story was written long back, but most of you missed it back then, I am sure every boy in the world would like to read this and every girl on this planet would want to kill me for it. Enjoy it and tell your views on it. :p 

Long time ago, there was a man who wanted to figure out what Women want and started the long tapasya (i.e., Sitting idle for a long time until Gods come down to wake you up) he did not miss his wife while sitting there, but his wife did miss making the potato vegetable because he had promised to bring her that, but eventually Ekta Kapoors torturing humans torch was passed around to many newbie and big producer directors that she forgot about him (She had to keep in touch with the family history of 200 years for around 50 families spread across 70 channels in 5 different languages, big work you see)

So he sat there not bothered by the tiger growling around (Although he did wet his pants, but you see no one was looking), not bothering about the weather around (he had complete faith in the weather bureau, if they say it is a sunny day, he will sit there in the rain believing it a sunny day), not bothering about the time (actually his watch had stopped working long back, but his wife was busy and no one reminded him)

God was looking, oh yes God was looking, but you see since the Ravan fiasco (Ravan was gifted immortality by God) he avoided coming down to wake up any human. There was one more reason in his cloak that he avoided answering the dreaded question, if asked by him. So God decided to test him.
God send down a very beautiful girl Menaka (prettier than Aishwarya and sexier than Mallika Sherawat, just imagine!!!) to disturb the mans tapasya. She came down, tried to seduce him by many means (some of which cannot be written here or i’ll have to inform blogger this is a adult blog) but the man did not move.

‘Oh well,’ thought God, ‘Let me try this.’

God send down a very complicated creature, she was a he. He\She walked around him and tried to frighten him by doing certain things, although the man was very afraid when he\she touched his back and did something behind him, he did not deter in his tapasya, he wanted to know the story, you know.
The final test came, when God chose the weapon of mass destruction. He disconnected the cable TV (OMG moment, yeah) and then send a notice to his wife from the cable company that the bill is not paid. On top of that, God slipped the man’s address to his wife (yeah, cruel God) via a rumor(now you know where the rumors originate).

The wife armed with bellan (a common domestic weapon useful in flattening chapattis and creating a lump on your husbands forehead), two pairs of sandals (she wanted to carry more, but she couldn’t find others) and loads of sound power walked towards the mountain where the husband lay.

The husband sensed the wife coming from far and prayed to God silently, ‘Ok, I do not want to answer, please stop her.’

Some other God in passing saw the plea and gave him a disguise of white beard, hairy chest and long hair. The wife never recognized her husband and walked back with the same weapons to hunt the rumor monger or the cable company guy (or whoever came before them).

So finally the main God had no choice and came down earth and said, ‘I am happy with your dedication. I have come to fulfill your wish.’

The man smiled and said, ‘I have survived all those years, escaped death thousands of times, escaped my wife one time only to know one single answer… I wish to understand woman…’

God thought for a while, then decided to answer honestly, but he choose to whisper in the mans ears. (Sting operation can be anywhere right???)

For a moment everything froze (its old habit of God to stop time and answer question) and God told him the answer.

After listening to God, the man stared at the almighty for a while with blank eyes and then… then…
He started laughing uncontrollably, he laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

God rubbed his eyes and sighed, ‘There goes one more…sigh’ and called the asylum.
The man is still there. No one knows if he got the answer or listened to another santa banta joke, but he still laughs day and night.

Moral of the story: Stop asking stupid questions and do your work. (Guess what? This moral is written by my gf who is giving me ‘the stare’ as I am writing this special line, I should run away immediately)

P.s. To know more about ‘The stare’ keep following.

P.p.s Boys, if you are confused join the club, if you are not, join the asylum. Girls, my gf has taken the revenge for all womankind by reading this post. All is written in good faith.


  1. awwww tht was really me(a)n to think of woman like tht. wait till Deepika answers your post ;B

  2. this post.. omg! are we so complicated???

    lol i guess we are..


  3. @Pankaja
    Those are honest opinion ok...I don't think she vl b upset...err..vl she?? :o

    Aaah...if only I could answer that...:O ;)

  4. haha..too funny.. lollll @ "200 years for around 50 families spread across 70 channels in 5 different languages".. I think it's the same story with girls too.. wish we cud understand men :P

  5. Lol !! liked the way you presented the age old unsolved puzzle :D

  6. @Ashwini
    lets just say we need a ground zero...a place where each can understand each other...:D

  7. haaa!!
    am happy that deepika saw this post!!
    we aren't complicated!
    You guy's understand us in a more complicated way!!B-)

    You will be out of the asylum when you understand the real woman!

  8. @Shruti
    Hopefully one day we will understand!!!

  9. aww... that was mean! We arent that difficult to be understood. We are very simple (more simple than a math problem) if you just understand :P.

  10. What was that...I read to find what's it and then u say you wount tell us ?
    How cruel :(

  11. Great things in life are not that simple buddy..You must learn to live with it...:)

  12. @harini
    Now u mention it... i will also explain soon y maths problem and woman are similar....:O

  13. @Megha
    Meko pata hota toh main yeh post likhta hi nahi...:P


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