If men are from mars, woman are from venus, exactly who is from earth???

Ever waited in scorching heat outside the multiplex waiting for your gf? or ever chatted with the watchman below her house as she says, 'Just two min'. How many times have you called her and found her sleeping?? Or how many times has she called her when you are busy thinking over something???
Well, you are not alone, researchers say this on an average is done by all woman kind all over the world.

Source: Times of India.

Shopping (9 Years in a lifetime.)
Research says woman shop for 399 hours and 46 minutes average, which comes to 9 years in a lifetime.

Phone (4 years)
On a average woman make or receive 2,88,000  calls in their lives which last for 42,000 hours or 4.75 years.

Preening before a night out (3 Years)
Just two minutes more that's the most oft-heard line from the women folk. Those two minutes actually sum up to three years in a lifetime.

 Wearing make-up (2 years)
Your mascara and lipstick might be taking about 603 days of your life. And another 170 are spent taking it off!

Doing up one's hair (2 ½ years)
Those tresses have to be washed, cut, coloured and styled, which takes away two and a half years from one's lifespan.
Locked in the ladies room ( years)
Women spend one year, seven months and 15 days in the washroom in their entire lives.

 Deciding what to wear (1 Year)
Trying to decide the perfect outfit consumes a year of a woman's lif

Removing unwanted hair (58.4 days)
Women spend 58.4 days in shaving, waxing or using creams.


Woman spend 27 years of the life sleeping, 10 years dieting, 2  years thinking about meal, another 2 standing in a queue and if nothing at all, 2 years in simply getting bored!

So lets add it all up...

10+9+4+3+2+2+2+1+1+58.4+27+2+2=123.4 Years!!!!!

Wallah, so on an average, no woman completes anything in her lifetime. So all boys, now you know, you are not alone.
Girls, I am not responsible for everything I have written...:D


  1. Hey!!! I agree with 27 years of sleep I know girls who sleep even more :D

  2. sid,i don've a facebook account!!
    do give me that 55fiction link... and ll tel abt ths post in a later comment!! :D
    've lots 2 spk :P

  3. @Shruti
    Check the latest post. I s'pose it will reflect later on in feeds.

  4. Duhhh! Haven't you heard that you shouldn't believe everything that the news people put in front of you? Huhhh!

  5. @kaddu
    yeah Yeah I know, I know...but I thought this post is worth reading...:P

  6. it was indeed worth reading.. and i feel i am not living like a woman.. sleeping less..no makeup..and i dont do 'two mins more'.. :P


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