My Life in numbers

Aaah well, the numbers...the universal language set to define my life, before writing this post, I never really believed my life can be defined on numbers, but as I write this post...I see conflicts on what I wish to define on many numbers....

So without furthur ado, I narate my life in numbers...

One faithful silver horse, as I call it, my bike.
Two siblings, me and my brother.(Ooh and thats the car :))
Three projects I have worked on till date. (Yeah, its poor score but 3 projects in a year is something.)
Four year of powerful bonding celebrating this August (26th) (Yeah, I know it reminds you of the beauty and the beast!!! That's me and Dipu on a weekend getaway to country side)
Five years it took for me to complete my engineering!!!
(I know the normal is four, but hey I am above normal (read: abnormal :P)

Six cities I have lived in so far Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Noida, Delhi, Jaipur

Seven months Dipu took, to answer my proposal (Proposed in January, answered in August)

Eightprogramming technologies I am expert in.. C, Java, DHTML, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, .Net, SaaS Platform, Kernel Programming (Linux) (I am not going into versioning details, just scratched the surface.)

Nine months I spend in Hell-hole, Noida.

Ten hours of sleep I take everyday. (Call me Lazy, but I sleep at 1:00 at nite, and wake up at 11:00 in morning)

The people I tag (and proud to say this time I have many friends I can tag :D, earlier there were rarely few...

Roshmi Sinha |Adesh Sidhu | Mukund| Sukalyan | Shadow | Vipul Grover | Pankaja | Kaddu | Niveditha | Arjuna |Saimanohar| Dhiman | Vipul Grover | Daisy Blue |Shankar | Bharathi | Ranee | Nikita

and the one to you...if I have missed out your name, please slap me and do finish the tag. :D


  1. @ranee
    and you are tagged too for you to complete..:D

  2. LOL !! That was a nice have beaten me in 8 :D and Thanks for Tagging actually Shilpa's Tagged me as well so it'll go online but I have some other Tags to be cleared so a thoda time mangta hain apun...

  3. @Dhiman
    No probs...but do finish the tag...:D

  4. Hi Sid

    Thats a great read.

    Check out mine...i too got tagged by shilpa.


  5. oops...m tagged n i dnt hav a clue!! this is an interesting one @ 7 :P

  6. @Nikita
    those 7 months were hell for me...:O :(


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