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Disclaimer: This post is about alternate theory on Hindu religion. If it hurts any religious sentiment please forgive me, although I suggest you think over what I have written instead of jumping emotional guns.

This post is about Ravan, the dashanand.
There are some questioned asked about me as to why I put 'Ravan' in my name? Well, that's a long story and I will try to put that in here.

One of my dear friend Rohit, had an animation assignment, He asked me for a favor to right a nice script for him and I suggested the fight of Ramayana using modern weaponry (like nukes, bazookas etc.)

He liked the idea and asked me to do some character briefing with his team, so I put on my pencil and paper and noted down characteristics of Ravana as described in Valmiki Ramayana (I have the scanned copy of the tattered book)

The more I read about him, the more I realized he was never the villain, in fact there are certain regions in India where he is worshipped. Ravana stopped the persian invasion over aryans way back in Satyuga.

For those who came in late, Ramayana is one of the best religious doctrine ever written. It shows the triumph of good over evil and the victory of the righteous. However the virtues of Lord Rama died long back with the end of Satyuga, for the birth of Lord Krishna signified that. Yes, Lord Krishna was the contrast, opposite of Lord Rama. It was supposed to be that way.

Mahabharata was won by cheating (remember Karna? Bhisma? Jainwrat?) and the cheating was done by Lord Krishna, none other than God himself!!

The way the war was won, puts a significant question in our minds, if God had to cheat, if God had to disobey his virtues??? Do the values of Lord Rama stand erect???
This argument will be continued in some other post. Lets come back to Ravana.

Ravana is also mentioned as a great scholar, a capable ruler and a devoted follower of Shiva, and he has his apologists and staunch devotees. The actual meaning of "10 headed" or Dashanand shows the positive side of Ravan: he possesses very thorough knowledge in 4 vedas, and 6 upanishadas, which made him as powerful as 10 scholars.
He was one of the best rulers present in the world with immense knowledge of political science.

But, however, he was great till the pinnacle of time, he was great till he was on earth, but when he decided to attack the heavens, he was to stop and there began Ramayana.

Valmiki did everything in his power to potray Ravan as a villian, however there are many temples present in many places that worship him till date.
For me, Ravan is the thinking, a thinking of pure confidence. A ambition to rule the world, a power when wielded so immense that God has to come down on earth to destroy you.
Ravan is present in everyone, a small kid sees a brand new eraser in his friends hand and has a feeling of having it himself is Ravan.
When a grown up man sees the brand new car of his friend and wants it for himself, is Ravan.
When you want those things, you have to grab them by hook or by crook, then you are Ravan.

This argument was given by me to the team of animations and they are still working on that assignment. This gave birth to my nickname 'Ravan'.
This is the story of why I am called Ravan, I really did not kidnap anybody's wife to get that name, it simply has to do with ambition and virtues.

Images: 1) Traditional Ravan: Wikimedia Commons
2) Modern Ramayan: Virgin Comics
3) Ramayan: Virgin Comics
All images picked up from Google image search. Thank you Google Devta. :D


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  2. evn i wndrd wats d story bhind this peculiar nickname.. tht was a nice read:)

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  4. Interesting post...I know about Ravan being worshiped and about his being a scholar...But I have an indifferent stand towards both these epics..They are just that-epics written a long long time back to me.

  5. A very interesting post...which was informative abt Ravan the mythological legend and enlightening abt the Ravan, the fellow blogger.
    At last my curiosity is settled!! :)

  6. @Choco
    Yes, they are written long time back, yes, they are old...but they are not to be ignored. I am not saying this in a spiritual way, but if you wish to know answers you should peep in.
    Btw. Read Ramayana 3392, its a modern classic written like LOTR and Harry Potter

    :) I also wanted to clarify the doubts of all others, who were curious...:D

    heh heh heh...ok dude...keeping finger crossed...vaise I had no idea there was gonna b vote, or i would have written it more seriously.... on second thoughts...naah...:D

  7. Wow 5 comments in just a couple of hours....lovely...:D

  8. You did not tell them the real reason for your name Ravan, I will tell all, he looks sternly into the eyes whenever he is talking and people get afraid of him.


  9. Your analysis is more-or-less correct SiD. Ravana was indeed a great scholar, one of the greatest there ever has been. And he was a true devotee of Shiva, with the blessing of immortality. He was also an extremely innovative and fair ruler. However, since he had been born on Earth, in a mortal world, he had to die. And the Gods actually asked him to write his own death plot!

    The Ravana, as we know through Valmiki, was actually a character conceived by the real Ravana himself, as a part of that plot to end his mortal form on the planet. Eventually the Gods DID have to come down to get him, at his request. Rama & Krishna, as we all know are Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

    Oh and I agree with your analysis about Rama & Krishna too. Both came in completely different eras, with completely different set of characteristics. Ram in Treta Yug, and Krishna in Dwapara Yug. Both were suitable for their respective eras, but now we are waiting for Kalki.

  10. @Kaddu
    Yeah they say kalki is coming in 2012...pretty soon...we can wait for him...:D
    Ram and Krishna were opposite poles, one positive, one negative...
    Remember, Ram never lied while Krishna was expert in it...
    Oh yes, and thanks for correcting me about treta yuga...my bad...i wrote satyuga..

  11. I personally can't seem to relate to Ram at all. I mean, what kinda man would leave his pregnant wife alone in the forest, just to please some gossip mongers! But those plots were written for a larger reason... and i guess I just haven't understood the reason for this episode in the plot yet.

  12. interesting... thoughtful..enlightening...and well looks like it is well researched.. :)

  13. @Kaddu
    Feminist haan...:D I have seen that part of argument before..
    yes, for larger reasons, but such kind of larger good does not suffice in kalyuga.
    Sadly to say if Ramayan happened in Kalyuga, Ram would have to face morcha's by many feminist groups and human rights ngo's and some lawyer will file a public allegation for leaving his pregnant wife and also violating 'human' rights of Ravan..:D

  14. Rane,
    I have spend half of my life researching on ravan and ramayana...:D

  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... @ "morcha's by many feminist groups and human rights ngo's"! So true! =)) =)) [still clutching my sides and rolling on the floor laughing]

  16. just as no-one is ALL good, no-one is ALL evil. i like why you've included 'raven' as your name.

  17. well well no arguments...but i completely agree to the above commenter "shadow" evn in the daily soaps u'd see some r angelically gud n others r devilishly bad n tats not possible.


  18. Shadow
    Yo..right said, no one is the All-Good nor all-bad...Its Ravan and not Raven...btw..


  19. Priya
    well, said...no one is larger than life evil as portrayed by the sitcoms and so can be said about Ravan too...:D
    Yes, he made few mistakes, agreeable. But rest of him was majestic.

  20. I know I'm commenting on a topic which was posted before 1 and 1/2 year ...but couldn't stop myself...

    Most of the facts u discussed about RAVAN r known to me...I didn't do as much research u did on ramayan but from childhood I got an instinct of paying attention if someone is discussing about Ravan or there is some information about Ravan(most of the times through news papers and magazines)....and the reason behind by curiosity was he stands first when it comes to Lord shiva's devotees(as I'm)....

    No doubt that he was great scholar, successful emperor and more over an admirable character! But along with valmiki, most of the ppl always tried to portrait -ve face of him and thus ended up in giving him best villan character.....and this reminds me the saying..."no matter how good you are till now, if you do one wrong thing whole world will come to know and you are only recognized by that(P.S: I don't remember the exact saying..so conveyed the meaning)

    According to epics(it'd be better if I say) according to god...the character RAMA(lord rama) was created to show the world or to create bench mark rules for being a great son/great ruler/great person/great husband...and only to add up more shine to his glory the image of Ravan was deteriorated but not that he was actually wrong....

    Finally I wanna say u r the first person whom I got to know who admire actual Ravan with out looking at him as he was shown by others...(not sure mani ratnam also feels the same and hence named his 2010 release...[RAVAN] if the aslo feels the same...he'll be second one whom I know)


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