Once upon a time in a land far far away was a world peaceful. It was the land that had rivers of beer flowing in them. A land where all the male animals lived in harmony. The land where male ate like pig and ruled the world.

But one day there was a revolt, all the male animals came forward and started arguing, 'Who is superior?' they asked? Who is the greatest??'

'I am,' shouted the man.
'Oh yeah?' asked the tiger growling.
'Back off,' The elephant turned in.

The intelligent monkey had a idea, he said,
'Lets not fight, lets have a healthy competition,' the monkey said, 'We have a drinking game. You drink as much as you can and the last man standing wins.'

'No fair, no fair,' shouted the fox, 'You have Darwinian evolution, you can drink from mugs, we can't. I say, we have a burping competition...the one to burp the loudest wins.'
'Yeah, burping competition,' the pig shouted.
'Burp Burp Burp....'

So it started, all the eligible males came into the ring prepared to burp the loudest. The man came first and burped.
The trees caught fire.
The tiger cam next, and burped loudly. Half the earth was destroyed by the malestorm.
The elephant was in line, his burp accidentally came from wrong side and was condemned by the others.
While all this merry making was going on, a silent creature sat beneath the water carefully grazing. He was the water buffalo. He had no idea about burping competition and came to know only when the fox burp disturbed the seas.

He came out silently, and saw the competition. He entered into the middle and BURPED so loudly, that the throne of Indra shook in the heaven.

'Oh my, Oh my,' Shouted Indra, we need to do something, he ran towards the all creator Brahma and told him about the mass-destruction burping.
Brahma smiled and said,

'It is time, we create....a woman.'

aaaand the rest is history. :D

Epilogue: It was never established who is the most superior as the new females came and the everyone's priorities changed. The burping competition never occurred again.


  1. let me guess...Deepika stopped u in middle of burping competition???
    She was angry yesterday when u said u r gonna have it at ur place...:P

  2. Wow!! What an imagination!!
    Interesting, funny and captivating!! :)

  3. @Shilpa
    heh heh heh...based on true experience..;)

    Oh teri, she told u??? yeah she came in between.

  4. Man!
    Is it your own, if yes, I tough your feet.

    If the answer is no, I tell ya, this is the most interesting story I ever read about women :P

    Good one mate!

  5. @pawan,
    yeah it is one of my own...the brilliant idea came in one of the burping tournament I was conducting...if you drink beer...ur welcome this saturday we are having burping premiere league too...:D
    atleast until my gf finds out...:P

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You trying to prove men are idiots! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The rest of your brethren are going to beat you black-n-blue! :D

  7. @Kaddu
    u will never understand the power of seemless burping...no and I do not think my bretherin will beat me black and blue...cos I have shown them a land of flowing beer and burping loudly...:D

  8. hahaha.. too funny.. good you agreed to the fact :P

  9. Ha Ha!

    Nice thought. Elephat burp!

    I still wonder if women can stop it. :D

    sooner or latter battle of Sexes, and battle of best among females would start :D

    What say!

  10. @Ashwini
    Wat I agree? U c its d primitive differences in thinking....no girl in d whole world will understand the free world wid unlimited burping...Dipu always stops my Burping tournament...:(

    I am pretty sure Mrs. Elephant can stop the elephant burp too...aah...the battle of Sexes has started man...we are in Kalyuga remember?? AAnd the battle among females happens in all the levels...not only the best...:D

  11. Hi Sid

    Thats a great read.

    This story makes sense in a lot of ways.....

    Presence of women has a "cooling" effect on society.

    Most of the wars that happen in this world are because of MEN........if we can promote more and more women then there will be less conflict i guess.

  12. @Pundit
    Presence of women has a "cooling" effect on society.
    Hullo remember Ramayan, Troy war, Mahabharata?? All caused due to woman.

    I just said priorities changed...;)

  13. Dear Sid

    ""remember Ramayan, Troy war, Mahabharata?? All caused due to woman.""

    Remember those are all STORIES.

    Written by some man.


  14. @Pundit
    Yup and so is this post buddy, it is also written by a man, a idiotic man (that would be me)...Its a funny way of interpreting battle of sexes dude...don't take it so seriously ok...:D
    Infact, don't take life too seriously as well, dude...take life with a pinch of salt (Sidoscope bhi chalega..;))


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