Back from the dead!!!

Long time in a city far far away, lived a lone blogger without a brain। He one day decided to change his brain and dust off the rust from there, but alas failed

What you see here now reader is a tale untold, a tale that will make you think, about a quest that failed.(Yeah that indicates my brain is partially remolded)

On 1st September, I made an announcement that I am taking a break for blogging and going for a brain transplant. There were quite some questions asked and I dodged them more gracefully than Neo dodged bullets in the matrix.

So now, I am back…yeah back। I was planning on coming back on 19th, but I couldn’t resist the temptation!!

What prompted me to take this big step of taking a break??

I realized I posted 26 posts in 30 days…crazy ain’t I? Yeah, so I though maybe taking a chilling break or so will refresh my brain and come up with a decent clutter less blog।

But as I turned Ninja and started reading blogs in shadow I saw this is becoming a trend, what with Nikita, Vipul taking the breaks, now Deepika Gupta has also posted the break!!!

You know this break thing is like becoming a trend?? Well, I hope not.

So well, for the greater good…I am back!!! What did I do so long? Aah well; read complete The Similarition by J.R.R. Tolkien (that explains the legendary beginning)

Purchased a new domain name on my name, and started a new Marathi blog (experimental)

What prompted me to come back?

I received so nice comments on my Blog on the goodbye post…my will power crashed by 20%

Shruti decided to dedicate a fiction 55 for me…there crashed my willpower by 40%

I have just read Nikita has started posting back….. Bomb Blast…drop down to 60%

Blogaton again tickled my senses to bring me back on BlogsVille hitting me where it hurt more, well no brain…duh huh on my inner conscience (this was also my epiphany that I have a inner conscience!!!)…. Lying low…80% dead!!!

And well, to lure my temptation more, Sreya gave me an award…damm…timing… obviously I am happy receiving such an honorable award, at the same time it collapsed my will power to resist blogging completely…there goes my will power for a human transplantation!!

Well so here I am… without a brain (the transplant didn’t work out as planned, you see there was no brain inside me to replace in the first place), without willpower to resist the BlogVille and without any sense of direction back on BlogVille, with the same old rusty sword called humor to tickle your senses.

So as Mr. Terminator had once said, ‘I am back’.

P.s. I have a poll on what domain should this blog be hosted, on custom domain or the blogspot domain. Please vote friends.

P.p.s Today is exactly one year since I got a job, and I have survived it!!!


  1. you also troubled the doctor and made him wonder 'Whatta creature this can be without a brain always eating some cheese sandwiches!'


  2. welcome back Sid...
    blogsville knew you wouldn't stay away long...
    and best of luck!!

  3. @Shruti
    heh heh heh...:D

    Yo was always ur wishes...;)

  4. HEYYY. Welcome back. Nice to see u back pal.

  5. :D Good to have you back I was wondering how can you go for a break so its gr8 .... congratz for award... I have voted for your domain thingie :D

  6. My predictions never go wrong :P

    Welcome back sid :D

  7. ha ha, i think you're hooked on blogging. but never mind, so's the rest of us....

  8. @Dhiman.
    It was ur wish that broke my will power dude...:D

  9. @Aditya
    ur comment is the one that i have mentioned in d post... ~x( :D

  10. @Shadow...
    yeah i am hooked big time!!! :D

  11. I think we like you as you are! Without brains only!! If you can do so many things without brain....with brain what will you do?! Kalpanach karavat nahi!!:-)

  12. yayy!!! glad to see you back in action Ravan :P WELCOME BACK!!! next time try brain implantation instead of transplantation :P


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